September 30, 2014

I Am Using Flickr For Old and New Photos

If you glance to the left side bar under "Other Interests", I have add a link "My Other Photos".  That link will go to my new Flickr account where they are giving me 1 terabyte of free storage. Some of the photos you have seen on the blog but there will be many others that are not on my blog.

It's a long slow process after they are uploaded, adding titles and a short description but I am working on transferring all of my current photographs on my computer, using Flickr as a "off location" photo storage. I don't have to be tied into a Google Plus account, which for me is a plus, no pun intended.

As I take more and more photos I'll add them to Flickr but some of them may not deal with RVs, Hounds or Retirement Living. They will still be sorted by subject and put in their own albums. I am only a few days into this new venture but have over 600 photos titled, described and edited so the public can see them.

Once again, there will be some duplication here on the blog but many more photos on Flickr. Some of the recent photos on the Flickr photostream will be posted to the blog, but not all of them.

If interested, click the link on the sidebar.

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