April 18, 2016

A System Test

Update 9:32am
I've been getting feedback by comments and emails that readers can see both posts .. blogger dashboard is adding the visits ... but here is what is strange ... maybe it's on my end since I am the blog author.

I was logged into the blog and made two replies to the comments on the post "A System Test" ... no problem.

While still logged in I went immediately to the post in question "The Hounds Love Hot Weather" to send a reply to the comment made there. When I clicked the publish button, it sent me back to the Google screen asking me to log in again. I did and was able to post my reply with no problem. 

Why would it ask me to log in again?  Evidently, yesterday when the page disappeared while I was scheduling a time for the post to happen, I hit the back arrow to bring the post back to my screen and scheduled to post with no problem ... that must have caused a glitch.

For some reason Google? Blogger? the Internet? didn't like the post that I did last night at 8:30pm. I received a few emails telling me the page wouldn't load, some said their sidebars didn't update to the new post.

When I checked it out, I could see the new post even last night after receiving these emails. Yet Blogger Stats were showing the new post was getting zero visitors, even mine. Also, I didn't receive the email notification that I had posted a new post on my blog. I am an email subscriber just to monitor the feedburner system.

I'm not sure what happened nor what to do.

So I write this post this for a couple of reasons:

  1. To check to see if the normal system updates to this post.
  2. To have you reply back to me with a comment below or an email telling me if you can see this post and the post from Sunday night called "The Hounds Love Hot Weather.
Otherwise, like usual when there are Blogger glitches, time eventually will take care of itself.

Thanks for your help.

Already a beautiful morning here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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