April 07, 2016

We Are Blogging Again

 Yes, your eyes didn't deceive you, your browser was working fine, nothing wrong with your computer ... this blog was deleted, gone.

After spending most of today and tonight away from the computer I found my email inbox stuffed with questions and requests.

Some wanted to know where the blog was. Some were confused by what their screens were showing them when the clicked the url. Some missed reading about the hounds and seeing their photos with what they were up to and even some missed my drivel about 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

Over the past week or so I have gone back and forth like I do from time to time, justifying in my mind the reasons for public blogging. So after what I had been thinking the past few days plus the feedback received in my inbox, I decided to log into my Blogger account and click the reactivate button to bring the blog back. It looks like I need to rebuild the blog roll. I think I can remember most of the them, there were over 50, then last week it was cut to 30 or so.

I do have that other blog on Wordpress but it was mostly just a few photos and a sentence or two. A few readers told me there wasn't enough words over there and not enough photos. It is a little different than this one but I like it and will continue to post there also.

So the blogroll will be rebuilt tonight and in the meantime here is what hounds did today. It rained most of the morning so the daily walks were canceled until the ground gets a little drier. They slept though the Reds baseball game and then slept while I made a grocery run. I need delivery.

They only came running because they thought they heard "do you wanna eat" ...

Heidi looks as if she is gaining some weight this week after going back to dog food with grains included.

Part of my lack of posting this past week, life was becoming to much like a rut. I didn't see a lot to write about and figured if I was bored with what I was writing about, readers must also be bored reading it. It will be good to get back into a blogging routine again.

It's cold in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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