April 29, 2016

Almost Scammed !!

It was close but I caught myself in time ... plus I was not going to pay them anything online and that is where the scam comes in from what I have read on the internet.

Sadie and Stella were not impressed with what they heard over the speaker phone.

Client Care Experts

It all started this morning as I was drinking coffee and reading my normal websites. I use Google Chrome as a browser and had 4 tabs open. As I clicked to close my Twitter site on one tab I have a pop up screen telling me to call such and such number immediately. My computer may have been compromised. It had other official file name errors.

No big deal because I rarely get these and I never call or click their link. This morning when I tried to close Google Chrome and all the other tabs ... I couldn't. I tried clicking other open programs on my dock and they would not close.

Was that screen legit? Was it serious? Based on what it was said I was afraid to just shut down my system ... so I called their toll free number. Right off the bat when I hear other people in the background, I picture a huge room of cubicles and everyone talking loud enough to be picked up in the background of other employees.

I was suspicious but thought I'd play along.

He gave me his name and ID number as if that was going to make a difference ... he didn't know I was writing down notes as we talked. He asked that I read the error message back to him. He told me my computer might be in danger and asked what I had and WHEN did I buy my computer.

I gave him that information.

Then the sales pitch starts ... my computer is old, over 5 years old and the firewall protection "on these older computers" do not do enough to protect us in today's world of malware, spyware etc ... blah blah blah. I am thinking at the time isn't that what all of those Operating Systems updates are for?

Then he wanted to download his Webroot System Analyzer onto my computer so he could check it out for any possible damage, any corruptions and "to see what condition your computer is in".

Sorry but that's not going to happen. You want me to give you control of my computer without knowing you or your system? Right ... let me get right on that.

When that didn't happen he started talking to me about needing "real time protection software". Protecting me against viruses, malware etc 24 hours per day 7 days a week. But first .... I needed to take my iMac in to either an Apple Store, Office Depot or Best Buy and let their "certified technicians" TUNE UP my 5-1/2 year old computer ... that btw has worked perfect the whole time, except for my own computer error on installing an encryption program.

He even suggested I do this 2-3 times per year and they would charge me $300 - $350 per tuneup. I have been in computer since 1993(?) and I have never heard anything like that. When I had a PC I use to reformat my hard-drive and install my back up files to get rid of any temp files or junk that over the years would slow your computer down. I don't need to do that with an Apple computer because that takes place in the background automatically.

So I have the bait .... I need a computer tune up at $350 and "can you take it into Best Buy today?" I instantly thought of my previous experience with those "certified technicians" in November 2014 .. you can read about that circus here.

So the sales pitch starts leaning toward "we can do that today" for .... I STOPPED HIM AND ASKED ... "Isn't this really a sales call and not really computer help"?

Oh no ... no way ... THEN PURE LUCK IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN ....

I had not noticed my LG flip phone's battery was dying. I must not have heard or paid attention the warning beeps ... MY PHONE DIED!!!

Perfect .... LOL

I did a "force quit" on all the open programs, shut down my iMac and then went to my laptop to do some searching on Client Care Experts. It was what I expected ... great professional looking website, legit computer service, NOT associated with Microsoft, a SCAM ....

The story here was playing out exactly the way other people described in their complaints about the company.

The eventual choice if my phone had not died would have been:

  • Take computer in for tune up $350 and 5-6 days to complete
  • Or let him tune up my computer for $250 right here in 4-6 hours
I immediately changed my password on both of my computers. I wanted to make sure just in case they had any kind of access to my computer with that pop-up screen that did NOT have any links to click, just a phone number to call. 

So the day starts off exciting. The sun is bright and I just heard Stella's nose nudge the door handle to the door to go outside.

Exciting times here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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