April 30, 2016

Light Rain Is The Main Activity Today

It's hard to believe it's May already, starting tomorrow. Time flies in retirement ... really flies. Since shorts and t-shirts are the normal wear in the spring and summer, it's easy to tell when the temps are not near 60°. Add in a light rain that you can hear hitting the tree leaves and you can almost tell today is going to be moving slower than slow.

Stella walks in slo-motion to begin with and as you see later, she didn't change that this morning. With it 54° and any kind of moisture, Heidi will move off the couch today only to eat lunch. Going outside for any reason will be optional and not a sure thing to bet on. This photo of Heidi is this morning before I apply the Wounded Warrior Ointment.

With all the windows open and the sound of rain, Sadie nor Stella were real excited about going outside but they did. It was their typical stop and check the air before stepping off the concrete. They may have a high threshold for pain but no way are they going to get their paws wet if they don't have to.

Stella curled around the corner of the house as close as possible to keep dry ... but she had breakfast and has to dump her tanks ... she never does that in the yard and will have to go in the field, based on her standards.

They decided the wet yard wasn't that bad, plus the light rain had let up so they ventured on for a Saturday morning security check of their yard. You never know what may have shown up while they slept last night. Stella decided the best place to scratch was behind the two trees ... I almost didn't see her there.

So now Stella has to make a decision. It will be one she thinks about and then may or may not go into the field, depending how wet it is. I was happy to see her step a few feet inside the field and do what she needed to do.

Still thinking if she is or isn't going to go in that tall wet grass. I wasn't paying attention this morning looking at the photo, I already see two of them that should have been cropped.

Sadie doesn't understand what all the excitement is about today. You can tell from the photos so far, the morning is jumping with action and high energy.

Just like when camping, when you have to go, you have to go.

Now this is the first move where Stella is going to 'quietly' wander off and attempt to go on her own walk. She will act like she is just doing normal exploring but will gradually drift further away with dreams of veering left for the walk or maybe straight ahead into the woods.

Her tail is dead center in the photo.

See ... slowly slipping away.

She hears me say one word "Stella" and decides she will head home. No trotting or running though ... it's too wet. So walking as if she can't make another step she starts her slow trek to the house.

Sadie still wondering where's the excitement for today ... is this all there is?


And slower

She's back but not real thrilled the morning walk is called off until further notice. The weather radar shows the chances of hitting the trail today is slim to none.

My cabinets and refrigerator tell me it's time to head to town replenish the food supply. There is never a good time to do that on Saturday and I'm not sure why I waited that long this week to do it. Like I said at the start, days fly by when retired and it's Thursday just like that.

I have seen no ill effects of the computer warning pop-up I had yesterday.

Good news on the tick situation ... I have not found but one dead tick on Sadie a few days ago, nothing on Stella since giving them NexGard to chew. I have pulled off 5 ticks on me during that time. Maybe it was because I stopped counting them made them go away? :)

It's one of those days where I feel like changing blog templates, colors and fonts. It's a good thing that Blogger doesn't have the same number of possibilities as WordPress. At times I feel like going back the the tan color the blog use to be ... but that is just me looking for something to do on a rainy Saturday morning.

I almost forgot ... I have more posts so far this year in four months than I did in all of 2015.

Very green here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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