June 13, 2016

The Hounds Have Moved

No ... they haven't moved from 'the tropics' but they have changed blogs.

For those of you that come to the blog only to see the photos of the hounds (that's what I would do) instead of reading my rambling on different stuff ... I've sat up a new blog for just the hound photos and only a one or two sentence intro to the photos. They will be posted there on a regular basis.

That link to their new blog is here:  https://myhounds.wordpress.com.

For example as a reason or reason(s) for doing this. I mentioned in my last post here that time was turning into a factor of less blogging on this blog in great summer weather. That post with 17-18 photos took 1 hour and 3 minutes from the time I slid the camera card into the computer to download the photos all the way to the 'publish button.

Today on that new blog I posted 17 photos that look better in appearance because they are sharper, but it took only 11 minutes!!! That includes large photos and only a couple of sentences as an introduction.

Another reason I changed to the Wordpress format, I had a few blog readers that were on my Facebook list that liked seeing the one or two photos I would post there on occasion. After I deleted my Facebook account I decided to put a blog up for those friends that didn't read my blog but wanted to keep seeing photos of the hounds and not have to read about what we were doing.

If I was going to do that, then I was going to do it on Wordpress because I like the different templates, but most of all, I can see and have been told the photos I post look much sharper with a better quality photograph.

I'll continue to post here on occasion but those times might be few and far between. Only time will determine that. Here are the photos from our walk today at 4:06pm. The hounds didn't want to wait two more hours for the temps to cool down ... they wanted to go now.

Heidi stayed at home while the bloodhounds and I walked. I let her do what she wants, I'm not going to make her walk if she doesn't want to.

Stella lagging behind as usual.

She then decides it might be time to sprint a shortcut to get back to us instead of following our path.

Beautiful hot hot weather today in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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