August 26, 2020

What Is Blogger Doing??

I had some major news for tonight's blog but after the 3rd attempt of trying to just 'start' the post and getting the same results trying to post photos ... I gave up. I'll be back when Blogger decides to work without frustrating issues.

  • Loaded photos in the order you want them .. Blogger posts them in reverse order
  • Click photos in blogger in reverse order hoping to get them in right order .. Blogger puts them in reverse order
  • Decide to do it the long way, one photo at a time .. Blogger sends me to Google Photos when I clicked "Blogger" for the 22 photos I just uploaded. Google Photos did not have the most recent photos I had just uploaded.

I am not trying it a forth time. Wordpress will take about 5 minutes to do what I wanted to do. Forget it, that didn't work either.

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