August 28, 2020

A Lot Of Sleep & Playing

I found out this morning around 4am while letting Heidi outside to pee, that Henry not only likes the backyard but he is not afraid of the dark. I had to put on some shoes to walk across the rock yard and carry him back inside so I could get a little more sleep. Once the sun started rising he was back outside again exploring the fence line. Based on what I have seen, he has a pretty good basset hound nose, only second to the bloodhound.

Blogger continues to irritate me enough to stop and move my main blogging to Wordpress. When you have 34 photos and each time you hit the return key even without any photos in the post, it always sends the cursor to the bottom of the page. Like now I would like to hit the return key to start a second paragraph under this photo but I know I will not be able to.

Heidi was also up and outside bright any early today. Is the puppy or the new joint supplement I have been giving her? She is slowly warming up to Henry but I am not sure they are best friends yet. Let's just say she does not want to be messed with in any way and let's him know it with a bark.

We don't have any fires near us but for the past week it has been hazy enough that the Mule Mountains, the San Jose Mts in Mexico are usually covered to where you cannot see them. Maybe you can tell by this photos of the Huachuca's.

Walter and Henry play hard for long periods of time or until Walter wears out and has to lay down on the cool tile. As you can see in the next few photos sleeping is one of their major activities during the day.

The only thing missing in those photos is the loud sound of Walter snoring.

Henry came home with a few new chew toys but Walter seems to think they were meant for him.

Proof that Henry has a good nose ... just like Walter use to a few months ago ... out of all the rocks in the back yard Henry can find pieces of wood like this and loves to chew them. I have never seen a piece of wood like this while walking around the yard since living here but someway they can find it, dig it out then bring it inside hidden in their jowls.

Not a bad day today in the "Wild West".

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