August 18, 2015

A Late Start But A Productive Day Pulling Weeds

I almost talked myself out of any kind of weed pulling today. I couldn't sleep last night so all that means is after I let the hounds out around 6:30am every morning, they come back inside and I go back to sleep. Consequently the idea of getting started on outside work early in the morning has very little chance.

I've always been a night person .. never a morning person.

About the time I had talked myself into taking a day off and giving my back and hamstrings an additional day to recuperate ... I was outside, ball cap on, gloves on and grabbing the 32gl trash can. Starting the stopwatch on the iPhone it said it was already past 3pm. How much can you really get done at that time of day?

I decided I'd pull weeds for an hour and see how I felt and how much progress I had made.

It moved fairly fast. The only hazard today was working along parts that were pretty steep and with the years of gravel packed ground, the ground wasn't the softest for pulling them out easy. After an hour and seven minutes for my first water break I could see myself possibly finishing the left side like I had planned.

Last Week
Today's Starting Point

Today's Stopping Point

It was hot, a little muggy, and I was tired, so I stopped with just a little more to do on the left side. How can pulling weeds be that much of a work out? It's bad enough that I am even blogging about it, let alone having this project show me how bad of shape I'm in.

So I filled a couple of trash cans. A lot of these weeds were a lot wider than the ones pulled the previous 4 days. I put in a little over 3 hours.

Two Packed Down Cans Full

Looking at rain tomorrow starting sometime around 1am and continuing all day. Most of the percentages show a 50% to 60% chance of rain. So I might get my "day off", and with a good amount of rain the ground should be good and soft for pulling weeds during the final part on the right side of the driveway.

Time Today:   3:05
Total Time: ~16:35

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