August 19, 2015

Day Off From Pulling Weeds Today

Well it took longer than the weather forecast but the rain finally shows up a little after 8pm tonight. It was suppose to start last night at 1am and radar showed major storms to the west that looked as if we had no chance of missing them.

The two storms moved around us. By the time I hit the road this morning around 10am headed to Bloomington, it was blue skies and sun, with thunderstorms predicted at 2:30pm.

Those thunderstorms didn't happen, those storms on radar moved around us again.

Since I had another sleepless night I decided I'd take my first siesta in a while after putting the groceries away and feeding the hounds. Besides, I had declared the day off from pulling weeds.

Based on the fact the weeds that are left are in compacted, hard gravel mixed with dirt instead of just rooted in dirt ... that was my excuse to wait for the rains. Hoping the rains would soften the ground a little bit. Plus I needed to restock my groceries and use Heidi's $3 off coupon for her new Earthborn grain free food.

I had a surprise when I handed the cashier the coupon ... she handed me another coupon to be filled out and used immediately so I had $6 off on a 5-star rated food. In the meantime Earthborn has already emailed me a $3 off coupon for September.

Since Heidi is the only hound eating this food, she has quite a bit food left of her 28 pound bag. I will continue to buy a bag per month and stock up. I am really happy with the improvement of her coat. Still, about the time I am starting to see some improvement on her skin rashes either from the change in food or the K9 cream I've been applying, I check and she has chewed skin back to red and raw just a few minutes ago.

I'm at a loss for ideas on this. I am seriously considering an offer from a person that commented a few posts ago and take her to a vet a couple of hours away in Illinois where the vet's specialty is dermatology. She works for this vet and has witnessed some pretty amazing results the time she has worked there.

I am still positive it's an environmental allergy and not food related.

Anyway after buying her dog food, I drove down the block to Lucky's Market. It's fairly new in town, has very few stores across the USA but has great prices on fruit and produce with sales on Wednesdays plus additional ones on Friday. A lot selection of organic that is priced reasonable.

While weeding the other day I was thinking about going back to a basic phone from my iPhone 5S. Not sure why but I was serious enough about it to call Verizon and talk to them about my options. I felt I could use a basic phone for calls and emergencies on the road while using the iPad Mini for my data for weather, maps, campground searches ... things I do on the iPhone.

Of course I found out from my trip in June, Wifi spots are few and far between where I was. So I would need to buy a data package from Verizon. After looking at the different packages and the $35 package for a basic phone. After adding the costs I would need to use the basic phone/iPad Mini combo, it would be more expensive than what I have now.

Then I thought of everything I use the phone for when I am away from my home computer. What about all the photos taken when not traveling with my Nikon? All good features and well worth the single line package I have from Verizon.

As you see I am grasping for things to write about tonight, so I am going to close for the day and leave you with a few photos from the past or from my file that may not have been blogged before.

For starters when I starting thinking I am getting tired of hot weather ... weather that I like, I think of this photo from March 2014, last spring.

When I think it would be great to buy and travel in an older RV like a Class A or Class C ... I think of this photo that took place about a week or two after I bought the Class C Coachmen in September 2013.

This was taken last September 2014. It looks about the same as today, only the field has not grown back as high yet.

Pulling weeds for sure tomorrow. Mid 70's, some sun and close to finishing the job.

Day: 0 hours
Total Hours Pulling Weeds:  16.5 hours

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