March 30, 2016

Bloodhounds Play

It didn't take long this morning for the sunshine to disappear, with a short period of time of overcast skies. Rain is predicted for later this afternoon but when I saw the sky like this I thought it was a good time to fit in the daily hound walk before any rain.

Before I get started on this morning's events, I want to let those of you that either have tried to subscribe to my blog using the block in the upper left, or have followed by email before and may not be getting email notices when I post a new one .... I found the problem was on mine side of the blog and fixed it this morning. I thought I had done the correct procedure when I changed my url back to the free Blogspot domain a few weeks ago but I was way off. I had forgotten that I needed to go to the Feedburner site to make that change. It should work now, it does for me. If not, please email me and I'll see what I can do to find the correct fix.

I felt I had better be on the lookout today when walking because right from the start Sadie and Stella seemed a lot more energized, highly active and always way out in front of me. Consequently I had to keep looking ahead for possible deer and use a lot of voice commands to keep them near me as possible. Or at least in the general area.

For some reason on the way back ... Stella took off kind of spooked toward the house. She kept looking at the FJ parked in the driveway and then veering to the right of the house somewhat afraid of going to the driveway. I guess she was confused about a car in the driveway. As you can tell she was a good distance from Sadie and I.

By the time we got near the house, Sadie went sprinting toward Stella who was standing by the corner of the house. They met chest to chest and the bloodhound play went into action.

Believe it or not, there has never been any growling, biting, or yelping in pain when they play like this. With their ending being a face to face acknowledgment that they are done, within minutes of going back inside, they were both sound to sleep.

This morning before the hound walk I had some minor repair to my gutter downspout on the front corner of the house. I didn't realize until I was mowing the yard yesterday, the storms we had on Sunday night had pulled the downspout away from the gutter (screwed in) and then pulled the whole piece of downspout out of the house, which is connected with two long screws. I found the gutter downspout laying in one large piece in the side yard yesterday.

Luckily the wind was able to maneuver that long piece of aluminum around both of my satellite dishes used for tv and my internet. Pretty amazing that I did not hear any kind of sound telling me there was a problem, nor did I lose any tv or internet reception during that time.

The next project for today is fence repair. I didn't get that done the other day but need to before it rains today. It will not take that long to complete.

Even with rain predicted, it's a good day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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