July 10, 2017

The Hackers Are Out Playing

Recently I've noticed a lot more junk mail being blocked by my Apple Mail than normal. Sometime last year all the spam experts decided they liked the email address I have here on my contact page. So I use that address most of the time when a website needs an email address either for me to log in or contact information. That way if they want to spam it my personal email address is not affected. Blog traffic is also showing Russia, Ukraine and Chine passing Canada in the number of daily visitors to the blog for the #2,3 and 4 highest.

I have all my browsers set to where I have to click for any website to play a video. I don't do automatic updates but will get notices where there is a new update available. I don't open attachments of any kind. I have a firewall set on my computer settings but I have never ran anti-virus protection on my Apple computers. I do run a malware finder every week. It will automatically isolate and quarantine any malware that is finds, keeping it from harming the computer. All of those settings are to protect my computer from hackers.

At times Facebook will starting showing some strange requests for people I don't know. I have my account there locked down as tight as possible. I don't have anyone able to request to friend me for that reason. Pubic has no access to my account or the few pictures I post on there.

So with increases I have noticed recently in strange traffic and even strange messages on my Facebook account, this post this morning over at A Satisfying Retirement didn't really surprise me ... but it does show just how hard it is to get rid of the embedded files that hackers plant once they have access to a computer.

He mentioned that if it happened again he would shut down his Blogger blog immediately. I found that when I moved my blog to Wordpress a few years ago I had twice the amount of hacker traffic there than on Blogger. Based on what they had blocked. I don't believe Blogger is his problem.

I would say it was more likely that an attachment was opened sometime or a weblink clicked that causes the damage to his computer. Otherwise if it was his blog being the culprit then it would seem logical to not visit his blog and to take it off my sidebar to protect myself.

I believe Apples security system has proven in the past it does quite well preventing access to a computer, table or phone. I mean when the FBI computer experts cannot access an iPhone they need to get into and ask Apple to do it for them ... to me that is pretty good security.

I believe that Stella is getting better. Today, in a very long time she trotted fairly fast on two different occasions. This morning before the walk she was nudging Sadie's head as if she wanted to play or wrestle. She has not tried that in many months. Both of those are good signs that she is feeling better from whatever has been ailing her since March.

The local tv weathermen keep talking about it being really hot and muggy but I'm not feeling it. When I think of hot and muggy I think of weather being unbearable. It has not felt that way to me on our daily walks. Yes it's hot in the upper 80's to low 90's but when I check different weather sites it is telling my the humidity here is 65-70% ... that is pretty low for this time of year. So I'll take the overcast skies today to keep the temps down.

All of us still prefer being inside enjoying the air conditioning. Heidi is setting all-time records in the number of hours she is sleeping. Sadie and Stella are always sleeping unless they are eating or taking their walks. This kind of weather really zaps their energy.

Another good sign for Stella is they she held her tail upright for most of the walk, instead of lowered. I really think she is on her way back to being the old Stella that liked to run and play with Sadie.

The yard is not quite tall enough to mow after 6 days but with 4 days in a row where Wunderground predicting a very high percentage for rain, you have to decide to mow it now or take a chance for it to be too tall if we do get rain this week. Nothing worse than mowing extra tall grass.

Whatever Stella found to eat must have tasted good.

This was the 2nd time she was trotting at a pretty fast pace. She was almost running before she caught up with me and went right past me to where Sadie was standing.

It's poses like this where I remember the bloodhound can hear things 4x as far as the human ear and of course smell 200x better than my nose. The look of Stella leads me to believe she smelled and heard the large field cat in the woods. The neighbor says no one owns it and yes, it's a very large cat and spends a lot of time in that wooded area. It's so large that the first time I saw it from a distance I wasn't sure what kind of animal it was.

They might be on the final stages of getting home on this walk but there is always one last thing to find to eat before I walk over and tell her 'let's go' ... if I'm ignored I have no other choice but to lead her by her collar until she starts walking on her own in our direction.

She still likes returning home by entering the north side of the yard. At least she keeps things interesting around here, with never a dull moment.

They will have another late lunch today and probably two more walks, unless some of that 50% chance of rain shows up in the next couple of hours.

I'm back to reading books today, totally motivated to accomplish nothing as I have decided to make this a long weekend. It has the potential to stretch all the way through the week. I am still thinking of other options of having groceries delivered ... that is how lazy I am feeling today. What I couldn't do with a drone.

I image by the afternoon sometime or tonight, my hunger will shove me into my car and lead me to the store. I have some food left but nothing I want to eat. I'd rather have a $1 frozen burrito than another salad right now ... strange stuff.

My circular polarize filter has been shipped, should be here tomorrow a day earlier than they estimated.

Time moves on here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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