July 18, 2017

The Hounds Survive Another Hot Day

The temperature looked pretty cool just after noon on Monday when the hounds were fed. As I opened the door to let the hounds outside for their afternoon lunch break, the heat from the outdoor oven hit me square in the face. The heat index said 102° and I was pretty certain that was accurate by the way it felt. All three hounds came outside but didn't stay out long and didn't move much further than a few steps.

We decided to camp inside enjoying the 75° temps, when Sadie and Stella alerted me that someone was at the door. The doorbell always drives them crazy with excitement. The same man from the electrical company was back to tell me I would start Tuesday morning without any power as they finished their new installation of power lines a few hundred feet away.

I am not sure what is in this spot Stella is checking out but all three hounds at one time or another the past two days has pressed their noses into the hard gravel. They don't lick or eat anything but something attracts their noses. I'm guessing that black cat I've only seen once, has passed through here.

With the power out for a short time this morning, it was cooler outside than inside the house ... it was a perfect time to get the first walk of the day completed. They are running parallel lines from a power station behind the gully we walk by on our walks ... to across the highway ... down the closed road to the steel bridge and then across the creek to the next road over. It looks like the two lines that go to my house have been installed in the new pole.

It amazes me how those men work with power lines, knowing mistakes cannot be made and just how much power is zipping through those lines when they are set to be used. It looked like they had done a lot of work prior to 8am this morning.

This new pole is across the highway. I am not sure when they stopped traffic to run the power lines across the highway. Anytime earlier than 7:30am is 'rush hour' traffic in this area. From about 5:30am - 7:30am people are either heading to the interstate or going to work locally.

None of that work or sounds of people being near us disturbed Sadie or Stella for their morning walk. Same routine as always, for all of us. The cool air felt nice at 8am in the morning. It wouldn't last long as the muggy feeling had started by the time we returned from our walk.

I let Stella do her own thing again this morning. Why fight gravity? ... more or less, the same situation with her. Up ahead I could see how the heavy dew was making it's own design in the field this morning. I'll have a close up view of it a few pictures down.

Bye Stella ... we will see you on the way  back.

For those into plants, any ideas what this is?

While I walked at a steady pace, Sadie checked out the far right corner of the field. Before I could get any pictures of her, she had already sprinted behind my back and caught me. I felt her wet nose hit the back of my knee as she slowed down next to my side.

As I made the final turn home, Sadie walked right next to me for some reason and too close for any photos. Up ahead I could barely make out that foreign color against all of the green ... Stella had migrated over to the neighbor's woods during our walk.

She had found a lot of 'protein supplements' to enjoy this morning. I wonder sometimes why I bother buying dog food ... LOL

It only took me a few steps in her direction while calling her name, where she looked up and headed our direction. No trotting this week, just the slow pace walk where you can almost hear her feet dragging with each step.

It looks like the power lines are installed for use. I saw a couple of trucks with lifts heading toward the old abandon steel bridge, hidden by the corn in the fields. Oh, that rain they predicted for yesterday afternoon, never happened.

Another morning walk in the books for Stella. It was time for her daily morning nap behind my computer chair until lunch is served. It's a rough life being a bloodhound.

Even before lunch it was too hot to be outside long. Therefore the hounds didn't spend much time outside after their noon kibble. Heidi took one look at the drive, felt the heat and moved over to the shaded front yard to relieve herself ... then ran to the door.

With it feeling like an oven that was turned on outside, Sadie still wanted a walk ... she would have to wait another 6 hours before that would happen.

She thought if she stood in the shade and begged for a walk that might change my mind ... she still had to wait another 6 hours for our walk.

It never stops amazing me what Stella can do when the word food is involved. She was ignoring me out in the field, wouldn't move, would look up at me and hear me call her name ... not until I yelled "do you want a bone" did she start sprinting toward the house.

She had just eaten lunch but needed desert.

I wanted to check out a couple of small business in this small town that I knew sold Carhartt Jackets, work boots and clothing ... I thought the might have some rubber rain boots, low cut like a shoe. Not only did they not have any rain boots ... they were no longer in business. Another empty building in this small town.

I'm beginning to get a little cabin fever I believe. Once again I cannot find a book that interest me enough to read it. I'm tired of watching baseball and it's too hot to do much outside between 10am - 8pm.

Nothing new here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana today.

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