December 11, 2019

No Excitement Or Adventure Here

I finally had a full night of sleep last night and felt much better than I did when I went to bed last night. Hardly any pain today in the hip and none in the lower back which was giving me the most trouble. I decided to resist getting into a car and taking a local roadtrip, thinking 'one more day' of resting could be all I needed. This photo was just past 6:07am.

Even with no plans, the sunrise still looks great and the coffee taste great. It was in the 30's when I opened the door to let the hounds outside this morning.

With all the rain we had last week I'd think there would be more snow on the Huachuca's than there is.

All three of us did get a morning walk in. Heidi is not having any trouble now of completing the .57 of a mile. Either she is in better shape or cooler temps. It's probably a little bit of both. Since I wasn't going anywhere and it was too cold outside Stella decided she would sleep most of the day.

Her friendly bloodhound kept an eye on her, standing right above her.

This just shows that a little string of drool across her nose doesn't bother her in the least. Sleep is sleep.

I've been trying to find some different adjustments to bring more sharpness to photos in the distance. Maybe it's my eyes that are not as sharp instead of the lens.

Stella trying to decide if it was warmer to stand up with the sun out. She decided it was too cool and went back inside and back to sleep.

This is looking east towards Tombstone and a photo I have not been able to capture from the patio until today.

Once again she is in deep thought. The drool has been there for hours.

It was either the chips and salsa with sour cream or possibly the pineapple for desert but soon after a brief light lunch I was out for a mid-day siesta. The sleep app on the phone recorded it as 'deep' sleep. By the time I was back on my feet, the hounds were wanting their afternoon meal. It's another beautiful day here in the 'Wild West'.

I feel like I am another day or two away from being completely painless. It's the lower back area right above the surgical hip. That 'rock' feeling I always seem to have inside the hip is not around today. Maybe I mashed it up when I decided no matter what I was going to sleep on my right side today.

It's a daily happening now every afternoon as Stella walks outside to listen for the puppy next door. She only gets to see him when the neighbor lifts him above the fence line. It is growing so fast that will not be possible much longer. She might like a younger hound to keep her playing but I have no plans to go down that path.

Not much news to blog about on a day like today.

A calm sunny cool day here in the 'Wild West' today.

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