December 22, 2019

Normal Routine For The Hounds.

Stella spent so much time laying in the sun on Friday she was exhausted by Friday night and decided to camp out in one of her five over night spots to sleep. Eventually during the night she ends up sleeping next to my bed right next to the doorway. She can then alert me when Heidi is heading to the patio door to be let out for her nightly middle of the night outdoor run. I cannot remember the last time I had a solid night of sleep. Nothing has happened outside the daily routine since my last post.

The sunrises are still great to see and they are so much different from day to day. I noticed this morning on my weather app on my phone, there is a 'snowflake' icon for next Friday. That will happen sometime before the sun rises Friday morning and will be gone soon after since the high temp that day is 40°. I am interested in seeing what kind of snow they get here, which is pretty light and not for long if it's their normal snowfall.

I have a couple of friends that continue to do their bike riding in the mornings when the temps are in the 40's but that is colder than I want to ride in. I've been waiting until 1pm-2pm to get on the road when the temperatures are above 53°. I found out yesterday that it doesn't make much difference in temperature from the ride I did on Thursday at 53° and what I did yesterday in 63° weather ... high elevation, mountain air is cold no matter what. It's winter no matter how nice and sunny the day is.

No complaints though about the weather from me or the crew. It is so much nicer than what we have experienced in Stella's last four years and Heidi's last eight. She continues to join Stella and I on the daily .57 of a mile walk. With her needing to check out every rock, branch, or desert weed along the way it turns out to be a little longer walk than Stella and I did alone. At least she is getting her physical exercise and a workout for her nose. She does have the better nose than Stella's.

As you can tell, they love that hot sunshine and spend most of their afternoons, or late mornings sleeping outside in the hot sunshine.

Although it's close to Christmas I have three doctor appointments this coming week. I finally get some blood lab work on Monday morning and will be on a water fast from Sunday night until I return home Monday morning after my appointment. Tuesday afternoon of all day's I have my first meeting with a cardiologist. I'll be interested to see if his opinion differs from mine and that of the MD I went to last month.

I'll let him know that I rode my bicycle a little over 30 miles yesterday, climbing a total of ~1,200ft. Plus reports show the heart is working "normal". The third visit of the week will be for another physical at the VA. I'll be anxious to see how much different it is compared to the one I had supposedly at the MD's visit I had last month. Past physicals I had years ago were much more detailed than I got last month.

I'm feeling a road trip today in the 'Wild West', so stay tuned.

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