December 15, 2019

The Hounds Enjoy Their Sunny Sunday

I was curious what my hip would feel like this morning after riding two days in a row after taking eight days off the bike with soreness in the lower back and hip. I was thinking I'd ride for the third day in a row but it's never a bad thing to ride for two days and day off in between. It was cold as I opened the door to let the hounds out for the first time this morning. By the time I had their breakfast kibble poured, they were standing at the door wanting back inside. I could tell it was going to be a good day today.

I did my usual morning coffee while looking over the websites I visit daily. The hounds sleep next to my desk while I do this and if we can wait for just a couple of hours before our morning walk, it warms up quite a bit. This morning we were out the door at 8:39am, a little later than normal and too late if it were a weekday but perfect time on a Sunday.

It was almost warm enough to go riding when we got back. As you see the hounds took up their normal sunny positions as I tried to decide if I wanted to ride that early or wait an hour for the temps to get just a little warm. A few degrees more would make all the difference in the world.

By the time that hour wait was finished the winds had picked up, strong enough that I was feeling them sitting in my patio chair. The warm sun felt great on my face and I knew I wasn't going to pass this up. Cool air, hot sun ... but too windy to ride. When I say windy I mean any flag is blowing straight out with ripples and if a plant is thin it's bent over from the wind.

While the hounds slept I took some photos and enjoyed the sunshine. I have a couple of different once I don't think I've ever had on the blog.

Looks content, sound to sleep but if I were to leave and keep her in the backyard, she is now digging to get out. More than ever.

Heidi might look like she is awake but she is in a deep sleep. I noticed when I downloaded this picture the lump the has been there for years on her year seems like it has grown or opened. Six different vets over the years have looked, felt and said it didn't need to be removed. I'll look at it closer. We might be going the vet on Monday for that. From this angle it doesn't look good.

People have always commented how big Stella or Sadie's paws were ... well here's a close up to get a better look at them.

With a hot sun and cool breeze ... this is Heidi's favorite daytime spot.

Stella thought she was going to sleep up in the corner of the fence where the shade is. After standing there for a few minutes looking lost, she decided she would wander back over to the 'dirt spot' that she continues to dig out whether I fill it in with rock or leave it bare.

That hot sun moved behind a cloud for only a couple of minutes.

Stella thinking on what to do ....

She never did lay down.

Heidi heard me talking to myself and thought she heard the word Bisbee. I left the patio door open so she could come and go as she pleased while I was gone. Stella spent time in her crate with the blinds closed in the bedroom. When she knows I am leaving or going bike riding she walks into the crate on her own before I can get there.

It was a nice drive over to Bisbee. It was a pretty quiet town for being a couple of weeks before Christmas. I found a parking spot right across the street from the bicycle shop. On the way back for the first time I took the "southern" route back home. It parallels the border a few miles north before curving later on near the Huachuca mountains. With too many cars I like to exercise them every once in a while.

By mid-afternoon I was feeling a siesta was right around the corner. I think I might head over to the Mall Theater tonight to watch Ford vs Ferrari.

Actually a pretty lazy day here in the "Wild West" today.

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