June 30, 2021

Afternoon Cancelled By Rain

You would not believe this if I told you but I will any way because it's true. A little after 4am I am woken up by the sound of the metal crate door swinging open. The room is dark as is the hallway until I flipped the lights switch. By the time I am at the hallway, Watson is halfway to the kitchen. I chase him, turning lights on behind him. I slide the patio door open and he runs, jumps off the deck into the yard and pees.

The yard was only lit up by the moon so I could still see him as he turned when he was finished, hopped up on the deck, went inside and diverted his path to the mud room where he is fed. He wasn't being served breakfast at 4:10am so when I told him to come on, turning off the lights, he went running for the bedroom and walked back into his crate. Oh he did wake Walter up with a sniff but still turned toward his crate.

The PorkChomps were retired on Monday. Yes they were only made with pigskin but upon further review of the label in back I decided to throw them away. Only two ingredients ... pigskin and sugar ... SUGAR!!!! They were making my dogs sick. It was an Indiana company but with the magnifying glass I could see the small print telling me they were made in Viet Nam.  I threw them away not because of where they were made but because I was finding small pieces in their vomit. They have adapted well using the chew toys that are not edible.

The hounds love to crawl through that stuff and eat some of it.

I saw rain was in the forecast sometime today but in Indiana you never know when that will happen. Sometimes those storms move out by the hour to the point of never showing up. I needed to restock the food supply so I was able to get that finished this morning.

We still had most of the day with clear sunny skies, hot and humid but time to play outside. It is not long before all three let me know they want to get back inside to the air conditioned coolness. I fired up my new Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker noticing the new 2qt system didn't look like it would make enough compared to the one I wore out years ago. As soon as Watson woke up from this early afternoon nap, we head outside rain or shine. It was shining so no problem working with our housebreaking.

Henry and Watson play nonstop inside if they are not sleeping or eating.

Walter moved his sleeping spot today over by the wall register to soak up that cold air coming through there. He will be going back to vet on July 9th to get those stitches out. Henry will be getting an annual checkup and a rabies shot.

After I told the neighbor I didn't think the rain was going to show up today ... it came fast and hard. I sat drinking iced tea and listening to an old favorite Jethro Tull albums. I remember following his concerts from Indianapolis to San Diego when Passion Play came out. I think that was 1973.

Since day one, Watson has always moved from room to room on his own to sleep. He will even walk out while I am watching baseball and go to bed on his own. Another thing I have noticed for the two weeks (tomorrow) that he has been here ... he will sit and look at people passing by, at the birds or me and Henry without running to us, to them and never jumps up on those that want to pet him. He is laidback.

Still a downpour outside. (solid 23 minute as I publish this post)

That is about all I have today from "the rainy tropics" of Southern Indiana.


  1. We had a possibility of thunderstorms today, but they didn't happen. Went to Ontario to pick up daughter and granddaughter at the airport - 109 degrees. Pups are sure keeping their Dad busy trying to stay ahead of them. Happy you threw those treats out, we did that with pigs feet years ago when we read the fine print.

    1. I didn't know anything about them until the ladies at the title company gave me a new package of them the day I closed on my house. For some reason I did not read the back for the ingredients since they told me there was no rawhide in them. Big mistake.

    2. Hope the crew is back to feeling normal again.

    3. They are this morning. Henry ate all of his breakfast, tail wagging. Walter more active and back to old self. Watson got taller over night.