June 27, 2021

Walter Springs Into Action

It was a surprise this morning as we stepped outside, the hounds and the dog went into the play mode almost immediately. Walter checked in with me before he sprinted and jumped off the patio deck into the yard. One a side note by 7:02am all three were in the computer room with Walter and Henry sound to sleep with Watson chewing on a pork slab. Of of course overnight, Watson got taller, stronger and more stubborn. Here are the photos from this mornings activities.

Just to make sure, when I mention the weather either now or next winter, I am not complaining just writing what the conditions are like. I knew before I moved what the weather is like and there were serious questions asked if I wanted to put up with the change of weather compared to Sierra Vista AZ. So with that said, today is going to be identical to yesterday, that I want to do something outside it had better happen before noon.

I had mowed the yard five days ago and it looked tall this morning. So after the Reds fell behind 2-0 on tv, I put Watson in his crate with a piece of pork chew and let the other two run the house while I was outside. Let's say the grass was tall enough to cut but not that tall, that it couldn't have waited another couple of days before it rains again. Later after trimming, leaf blowing the driveway and sidewalk clean, I drove the VW single cab truck to fill up the gas cans for the lawn mower. Just as I was about to pull in that scattered shower showed up with the largest drops of rain, that lasted only a minute.

Watson loves to eat just like any bloodhound. Since he is as tall as Henry today, it made more sense to lay on the floor while eating I guess. 

A short trip outside in the muggy heavy air and 90° ... they did what they needed to do, ran a few laps around the yard and surveyed the flowerbed that I will be working on this week.

Watson's new napping spot ... hallway bathroom floor. Henry and Walter in the computer room.

It was a good day here in "the tropics" of southern Indiana.


  1. We are setting high heat records here in Oregon right now. Looks like it might last for at least another week. Maybe we should learn to sleep under the air conditioner, like Watson. LOL

    1. I saw where your area was setting records in high temps. Last night Henry decided to sleep on the register which is the only source for air conditioning in the bedroom. Smart dogs.

  2. It reached 97 here in the mountains this afternoon. Really early for the weather to be so warm up here.

    Love how Walter and Henry are being big brothers to "little" Watson who will sure tower over the two of them.

    1. it will be interesting to see how Walter and Henry change as Watson gets bigger.