October 12, 2013

Learning More About the Rig

Today is a pretty lazy Saturday. I had plans to meet and camp on a fellow blog reader's land this weekend but I had to cancel Friday morning due to helping a friend with some emergency help this weekend. His news proved again, you never know what is around the corner in the game of life.

The rig looked ready for the short road trip to his property, so hopefully it can happen a different weekend before it gets colder in the Midwest.

Since the oil line repair, it's been very quiet, not much to write about as life moves on at a normal pace. I did have something new happen on the RV this week that may just be my mistake until I learn otherwise.

I have been running power from my house into the RV only when home because that extension cord runs from inside my house to the RV. While gone I need to shut and lock the door. I just had a different idea on how to run that cord, so changes may be today so I can have the rig constantly hooked up to power.

What I found is, when the rig is not hooked up to power, then I have no power inside the rig. The coach battery is dead. When I start the rig, she fires right up without hesitation. I thought while hooked up to power, there was a "trickle" charge to the coach battery. The previous owner had installed a quick disconnect on the coach battery but I can't remember that he told me I needed to do anything with that if I was parked and hooked up.

Once I am hooked up, everything works fine.

With the lack of battery power, I thought the fridge would automatically move to propane but that doesn't seem to be the case. Without hooks ups, there is no power to the fridge, no lights and no longer cool/cold inside the fridge.

While chasing possible electrical problem for the coach battery going dead I did find the 15A -30A adapter had a broken pin so I picked up a new one at the local hardware store that has a new RV section of popular brand names of RV accessories.

Even after a night of the new adapter and electrical power hook up, once I unplugged, there was no power inside the rig.

I'll look at it again Sunday morning .... but for the rest of the day and night tonight is my addiction...College Football.

Have a great weekend!!

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