October 06, 2013

Day 1 - Oil Cooler Line Replacement +1

You may be wondering what the "+1" is about in the title...welllllll let's see if I can keep a smile on my face as I write about it. We had "severe" thunderstorms around 6pm last night. With the torrential downpour I thought that would be a good test for my roof vents that I had left open by mistake. All the vents were open, even the Fantastic fan vent.

Rain was going sideways and hard during the thunderstorm.

Once the rain decreased to just a light rain, Sadie the bloodhound wanted out and Winston the old basset wanted out as long as he could stay under the house overhang...so I thought it would be great time to see if I had any interior rain damage in the RV.

All the walls, ceiling, the over cab bed looked good and dry and I'm thinking it's pretty amazing that all these vents could be open and the vent covers kept the torrential downpour out .... I was impressed to say the least. Just to make sure I wasn't pressing my luck, I closed the vent above the bed to protect any accidents to the new TempurPedic mattress the RV came with.

As I was standing in front of the fridge about to plug in the LED lights, I felt a big drop of water hit my head.

That's never a good thing, especially when you are inside. I glanced up for the source of the big drop of water and I saw a little water residue in the cracks of my light lens. I pulled the lens off and luckily an ocean of water didn't hit my face, I thought that has to be a good sign. Drops have to be better than a waterfall.

So I collect the hounds and head for the house to get a couple of tools so I can take the light fixture out of the ceiling to check on the leak situation. About the time I hit the coach door to walk in the RV, the rain clouds opened up once again for another 30 minutes of downpour. Back inside to watch the next football game. (Yes, I am a college football addict)

While watching football I remember that light fixture is right in back of the A/C. I wondered if that might have something to do with it.

Now forward to the update of the oil cooler line replacement.

Not a lot of success to report on day one. Between the end of my IU game (upset Penn State) and the start of the 8pm game I had enough time to crawl through the local traffic that was in town for the annual Apple Fall Festival. And a crawl it was, but it is the only way I can get to AutoZone 15 miles away. I had called earlier and AutoZone told me they had the right tools to remove the clamp that I pictured in yesterday's post. So off I went to make the purchase.

The set of 4 "hook" tools, small screw drivers with a sharp "ice pic" at 4 different angles, that I had bought at NAPA Saturday morning didn't work. This clamp is on as designed....very very tight. I couldn't get the hook under the clamp to pull it loose.  Was my mechanic Bill showing me a tool that would REMOVE the clamp or just LOOSEN it enough to slide out the oil line? I was under the impression from him, it would turn the clamp enough to open up the space for the oil line to be slid out and the new one slide in. All the YouTube video's I have seen, show the clamp being removed and replaced but like I said yesterday ... I didn't have new clamps that came with my oil lines.

So it's early Sunday morning ... coffee is a lifesaver ... and it's cool and rainy outside, it has rained for the past 1.5 hours I have been up and through most of the night.

I'll be heading over this morning to AutoZone to return the tools they sold me. They might be too big but they are designed to fit over the line, push into the connector and since they are spring loaded, they are suppose to open up that tight clamp enough to slide the old line out and the new line in. Based on the tension of the spring loaded tool and the tightness of the clamp on the connector ... I believe their tool was nothing more than a designer's dream.

So the plan for today, return the tool, maybe talk to a different sales person and find the correct tool. My mechanic Bill is closed on weekends and probably only answers calls where his tow truck is required since he didn't return my phone message about borrowing the tool he showed me. One thing though, the connector he showed me last week is not the same type of connector I am working with.

I am thinking I may need a stronger "ice pic" than the one's I have. The search continues for the correct tool. I believe once I find the correct tool to get those clamps (4) off, then I will have these lines replaced within 2 hours tops.

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