October 21, 2013

The Coachmen is Up For Sale

That title could be some shocking news for some. Looking at my calender on the bottom of my monitor, it was just a month ago today that I bought the Coachmen. So what has changed?

Nothing really.

I have it listed here:  Click Here

It's kind of one of those win win situations. If it sells then I can look for something else that I think I need (more room) and if it doesn't sell by next spring, then I have a good RV I can travel in. It's just like all of the other vehicles I have, I like them but I am always looking at different cars/trucks.

Currently we have borderline low temps forecast this week, that makes it a need to winterize.

Plus my old basset Winston (9.5yrs) is having some lower back problems since late Sunday afternoon. I didn't know for sure until tonight....probably some basset hound arthritis starting to creep in. The steps into to the house are not steep. There are only 2 steps and then into the house but he needs assistance getting up the house steps. The RV steps are out of the question for him.


So we'll be making a trip to the vet tomorrow for his annual shots and an exam on that lower back.

Winston is NOT why I put the rig up for sale. Yet, in the past two years, I have thought about him as he would age in the next couple of years and wonder about the potential problems he may have as a traveler. If/how that might affect the travel plans. I have had at least one basset hound since 1987 so I am pretty familiar how bassets age and some challenges they will have.

I have no complaints about the rig, just some the times I have spent inside it for any length of time with the hounds, I have felt the need for more room. I also may go to a bigger diesel engine so I can tow my H3 Hummer out west. I believe with the current rig towing the H3 may be cause more stress on the transmission than it is made for while traveling the mountains in the western states, based on what I have read.

So its a rig that has been used but in great shape. It has a little over 80,000 miles but the past 8 years it has been driven around 3,000 miles per year.  Let me know if you have any questions and pass the info out to your rv friends in case they are looking for a great Class C.

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