October 07, 2013

Day 3 - Oil Cooler Line Clips

I wasn't sure the clips I took off the connectors could be reused even if they were not stretched out. So I thought I'd buy new ones.  I ended up buying 3 of them at NAPA but they didn't have a 4th in the same size.

Before I stopped at NAPA I stopped by my local GM mechanic where I had bought the OEM oil cooler lines. I showed him the clips I had pulled out and asked him if I could use them again. Bill said I could as long as I didn't stretch them out when I pulled them out. Then he said something quite interesting that made me wonder what was going on.

Bill said the only way I could buy new clips was to buy the new connectors. I asked him before buying the oil cooler lines if I needed to buy new connectors or could I just buy the lines and he said only the lines were needed unless my leaks were at the connectors. Today after I started to leave, he said he would recommend I buy new connectors with the new lines. I asked him why didn't he tell me that when I bought the lines because he knew what I was replacing.  Makes me curious on why the change of information.

The NAPA owner said I would have no problem using old connectors with new lines. He explained the clips would work on the old connectors and the black plastic sleeve that slides over the clips not only protests the clip from dirt but is also functional in keeping the clip lined up as the sleeve snaps into the connector.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get the clips installed after work.  Then I'll fire the engine up for a quick to check for any leaks.

Looking at the old clips compared to the new clips there was a difference in spacing, so they had possibly stretched a little but I could squeeze them back a little with pliers to their original position.

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