October 08, 2013

Oil Cooler Lines Tested - No Leaks

Came home from work with clear sunny skies and 70 degree temps, it was time to finish the job.

The first clip, top of radiator was a little hard to put on at first but after I used my angled mirror to see the bottom of the connector and then a pair of needle nose pliers to pull the clip around the connector, things went pretty quick. It took a total of 20 minutes for the 4 clips but most of that time was on the first clip and the upper connector at the oil filter block underneath the rig.

I wiped everything down so there was no oil from the past, turned the engine on and then looked at all the different connectors, with my small bright LED flashlight....not a drip of oil anywhere. I increased the engine idle speed for a minute or so, then little it idle for about 10 minutes while I went inside to clean up.

After rechecking all of the connectors for leaks, I took it out for a short 12 mile run on the highway at 55mph.

No leaks.

Total cost was around $100 counting the lines and the hook tools I bought. I'm pretty sure I saved myself around $150-$200 in labor if I had a mechanic do the work. I gained a lot of experience and learned more about the rig I bought.

I plan on changing the oil tomorrow just so I can start with clean oil and will know the date, mileage and type of oil without any guess work.

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