August 15, 2016

The Rain Will Not Stop

The forecasted rain has arrived and has rarely taken a break. Along with that, the temperatures cooled to the low 70's with the air conditioner turned off and the windows opened.

That's a pretty nice change from the 'heat dome' we experienced just a couple of weeks ago.

For those that have asked, this first photo that I always start the blog with in the left corner is the field of soy beans this year. They alternate it with corn each year.

From what I see on Wunderground and Intellicast, it looks like the day may be called off for outdoor activities and that will give me a chance to catch up on some domestic things on the list, inside.

From two nights of solid rain, and light rain this morning you can see my gutters have not been able to keep up with the flow of water. Consequently the large amounts of water coming over the edge of the gutter has moved my mulch around. It takes a lot of water to do that.

I have underground drainage pipes connected to my gutter downspouts. I'm not sure if they are filled over capacity or if there is a plugged pipe somewhere. The 'pipe' is the typical 6" dia black plastic.

Even with the light rain this morning when I took my first shots of the day, Sadie's routine is to always dump her tanks. She was trained that way as a puppy 8 years ago and has never let weather change that. Here you can see her searching for that one special spot, while getting wet.

I think if I would let her, she would stay outside most of the time ... yet was back to sleep within minutes of being inside.

Yesterday afternoon Heidi made her daily appearance outside. She caught up on her sleep yesterday, as she does every day. With the rain outside today, she will be getting a bath and a manicure right after I post this. I might take a ride to the vet later this afternoon to use their scales and see how much weight she has gained. She has filled out well this summer.

A 'night person' should never drink ice tea at 11pm. The tea and coffee I make is strong ... at least from the feedback I get from people willing to have a glass of tea or a cup of coffee. So with 32oz of caffinated tea in my system near midnight, the chance of sleep was slim.

I was still awake at 3:15am taking advantage of my 'free data' period between midnight and 5am, by installing some updates and running my Bitdefender Virus Scan.

I had to force myself to try to sleep and shut the lights off to the sound of a downpour of rain. I thought the house might be floating by the time we woke up by the way it sounded. The 10-day forecast shows 6 of those days having temps in the low 70's ... how nice is that? Is it too soon to even think that fall might arrive early this year?

I also made some changes to the blog while I was wide awake last night. All of those blogs I deleted from my list a few months ago were added back to the blog roll. There are a few that are not and will not be coming back. My house rule is once a blog starts preaching religion, telling me what I should or shouldn't do or who I should vote for ... they are gone off the list, never to return.

If there is a blog you use to read from my blog list let me know what it was and I'll see if I can add it back to the list. I will say the 3-4 retirement blogs I listed a few months ago fell into the deleted section and will not return.

Mary over at "Me - Retired" had a great design idea for building a bed inside a van. She and her husband used material I would have never thought of using in making an area for a bed. Take a look to see what they did in their Toyota Sierra van.

I forgot to mention last week while I was getting ready for my 'binge watching', that Stella turned 7 years old on the 9th of August. Her 'gotcha day' is the 30th of this month so I'll do a post about that later.

Two good things happened during my 4 days of binge watching tv last week. I decreased my data usage a LOT, thus getting me back on schedule to where I will not be going over my 15Gb limit by the 27th. It also got my head out of the news, on tv and online. I have not gone back to news sites online, nor have I tuned into new channels on tv.

I have no sites that could lead me in that direction listed on my Feedly account (free) ... so if it's not about sports or hounds, maybe some camping ... I don't see it. Not a surprise how much better I feel not following stuff that I cannot control and was simply sick of hearing about.

I'll continue to 'hide' down here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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