January 06, 2019

Ah ... Much Better

I reset the camera to all default settings, pulled out the owners manual as a reference and took off making adjustments to the camera settings with plans to shoot in the Manual Mode. These were all taken after 12:30pm, a different lighting from this morning but I also found a few things with the zoom and auto focus that changed. How? I don't know.

None of these photos were edited in anyway ... but ... the big test will be tomorrow morning about 8am. Until then I am not touching the camera (Canon) ... my time will be spent on the couch from now until tonight, watching ballgames ... with all electronics turned off ....

Ah ... Much better .... after their lunch.
Starting with our afternoon walk, just in time to finish the walk and blog post before the first football game of the day.
It's 54° - January - In the Midwest

Another great day in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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