November 01, 2019

A Slow Day But A Good Day

Not much going on today so there will be few words. The hounds keep wanting food as soon as they wake up and they will sit in the living room until they are fed or will follow me to the computer room while I drink coffee just to see when I might feed them. I did ride my bicycle today very easy and very slow for 29 minutes. The route was flat and a big circle through my neighborhood. Interesting that Stella didn't want to stay in the backyard with the door closed but was willing to stand at the living room window watching me pass the house each lap I took.

For the second day in a row Heidi took the lead for our morning walk. She pranced out the front door ahead of Stella and trotted down the sidewalk ... attached to her retractable leash. Our walk this morning about about .73 of a mile in 42° weather but that is still shorts weather for me.

As the the temps warm up and the action increases the hounds find it best to sleep a lot during the day. Not a lot of blog worthy action going on.

Even though Heidi had been fed on schedule, she still thought she might get me to give her a dog treat while Stella was passed out on the patio.

Another beautiful day.

I was able to straighten out the billing department in town this morning. They had no idea why I was being charged anything for the surgery on September 8th. Headquarters is somewhere back in Maine!! Their balance doesn't match the real balance. You get the picture I'm sure.

By the end of the day ... Stella was at the point of confusion.  Looks like a good night for "Movie Night" here at the homestead.

Oh ... 5 hours after I rode easy, I've had no signs telling me that my new hip did not like it's exercise. That's good news.

It cannot be 'wild' all the time in the Wild West and today was one of those days.

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