July 12, 2021

A Rainy Weekend

At times it was cool enough for the windows to be open and ceiling fans on, then all the windows would be closed with the AC on. Right on the borderline between the two options. The hounds and the dog like to listen to the rain as much as I do but it is hard as heck to keep those windows cleaned. They like using those lower windows to check on their neighborhood, see who is at the door or what dog is out walking in front of their house. 

From the looks of that window above them, Stella could not stand for me to help her in back of the FJ or even the Mini Cooper but could stand to push her nose and jowls against the window to see if she could push that window open and escape while I was gone or if I was just outside in the driveway shooting basketballs. I really miss the morning talks we had every morning. Hard to believe that she has been gone a month already.

Saturday was off and on rain. About the time you would think it was over and seeing the Saturday night game at Bosse Field was possible, it would start raining hard again. They eventually canceled the baseball game Saturday night after moving the start time up a couple of times. It had rained so much I could not see any way possible the outfield would be dry enough to play baseball. They were able to fit in two games yesterday. 

Between rains the hounds would go outside to enjoy the cooler weather and decide what their next move would be to torment me. They are turning into quite a team of puppies and are keeping me on the run most of the day. I get breaks when they sleep.

Walter is his own dog though, independent, keeps all things and all hounds in order and watches them for me. It may not look like it in that photo but he is quite the watch dog just like he was out in Arizona. He hears things near the house that I don't. It looks like I am going to have to hire a full time floor sweeper, better yet I might have to finally check out those Roomba vacuums.

This rain is from Saturday afternoon.

Not only did it rain most of the weekend, it would rain overnight. I have a rain gauge on my shopping list.

I guess Watson became an official house hound this weekend as he moved under the desk to sleep, right on top of my feet while I was sitting at my computer desk. I keep an eye out on my plugs, wires and power strip just in case he has the urge to chew them.

No matter how much they eat or play between 5am and 7am ... they crash hard around 7am and all want to sleep in the computer room while I am reading the internet articles (Flipboard), blogs, Twitter and Facebook.

I noticed it the first time I met Watson, we were sitting on the front porch at the breeder's house. He likes to lean into me when he wants to be petted. Sometimes he will lean then slide down my leg slowly to the floor. He will do that at the corner of the couch also when sleeping in the great room while I watch ballgames. He is going to huge in a couple of years. I can already feel how strong he is when he leans into my leg.

Monday morning started bright and sunny. Humidity was in the air even at 70° so for the first time in a while, the windows stayed closed with the AC at the ready to cool the house if needed. It looks like thunderstorms will roll in about the same time the fence company's rep arrives to measure the backyard for the fence installation, look at the property and wrap up any details before finalizing the order and installation date. I am definitely ready to have the permanent fence installed.

The magnolia's took quite a beating this weekend from all the rain.

We are now at the stage of Watson's growth where a quiet house could mean trouble. You have to remember that Henry is his mentor and at times has been caught in the act of lessons he is teaching Watson. Such as "counter surfing". So this morning when I did not hear a thing but knew the patio door was open, I was hoping they were outside. Much to my surprise they were not into anything nor destroying anything. Just hanging out.

Watson loves eating leaves, dead or alive. With the storm winds, those leaves are very close for him and easy to find. He also thinks they taste better inside. Like I said, if they are awake I am pretty busy.

Watson isn't the only one that likes eating leaves inside.

As Henry plans his Monday, I didn't have much going on except hosing off the paw prints from the patio before this afternoons rains, vacuum the floors inside and wipe down any spots where paw prints were left. I hope we have a gap of time this afternoon between the thunderstorms so the fence man can get the yard measured.

We were getting close to the fence appointment time when I felt a few drops of rain hit me while I was sitting on the patio. Henry and Watson just laid on the deck like they felt nothing, Walter ??? He went sprinting inside. About the time I got the hounds inside the house the doorbell rang, Mr Fence (company name) had arrived early. No rain drops or rain while he was here taking measurements. 

It will be a little larger than I drew out last week but well inside my property line so that is good. The hounds and the dog will have plenty of room to run. They were running inside the temporary fence this morning so I know they will run once the permanent fence is installed.

Of course all three liked company. They love people, if I could only get Henry not to jump up on people. My breeder told me in April during our visit that it may not be possible as she has two bassets out of her large group that never were broke out of that bad habit. That is one of a few reasons I needed a fence, Henry's jumping for affection.

Watson was laying next to Henry sleeping this morning. I saw where he is now almost as long as Henry is and that is long. Taller than Walter now too. Those legs get longer while he sleeps.  Ha Ha.  

I have to admit, these are some pretty good hounds and a dog to share the house with. Never a dull moment, funny personalities and they get along when it comes to food, bones, chew toys, balls or sleeping areas. 

I am heading to the other side of town to sign the final paperwork for the fence. I will find out a firm installation date. It will be nice to finally get this fence stuff out of the way. On to the next thing on the "to do" list ... tear out and clean out the flower bed on the south side, plant some new shrubs or flowers. Add a small flower bed to the north side of the house and plant some new shrubs/flowers. After that, I will finally have a decision on what I want to do to that rocked area between the two rooms in back.

Overcast skies here in "the tropics" of Southern Indiana ... that might happen a lot living so close to a large river, 5 miles away.


  1. Your dogs are very cute. Watson's big feet, wow.

    1. Thanks. Yes, HUGE feet. He already knows how to walk on mine.

  2. The photos are so great of the pups. I really wish we were getting some of that rain. We have basically been in the 90’s+ for about three weeks. Everything is so dry and we are on high fire warning level. The hills are so dry coming up the mountain. Take care.

    1. My AZ neighbor told me the other day that after their weekend of rain, the wash behind the house had 8-10' of water in it. It's never good to be on high fire warning level.