July 27, 2021

The Puppy Chewing Stage

Obviously I do not have the right chew toys for the hounds as they are addicted to those pieces of new tech wood ends on each slat of the patio deck. I either need to find the supplier for this deck to buy replacement pieces or learn how to use a 3D printer after I buy one. (not going to happen). I knew this morning around 5:45am drinking coffee at my computer that things were just too quiet. I headed for the patio to find this. That is Henry's reaction after I said "drop it". He then walked here, rolled on his back to apologize.

Watson was just as guilty but he was claiming he didn't do any of that this morning. From the wet footprints on the deck I thought I could tell where they got this piece but evidently it is one they have hidden out of sight.

It looks like wood, it is not wood, but must taste like wood.

You would think this collection would be enough. Some of them are old and passed through the hounds of past years but a good variety. Still, rawhide bones are what all dogs like the most and probably the worst thing you can give your dog. I use to get soup bones from the butcher, maybe I will find some of those today. One thing to remember, even if I were to add 20 different bones to this collection today and put them all out in the yard or inside on the floor .... Henry thinks they are all his. He will grab anything the other two are chewing and walk away with it.

After finding the owners manual online yesterday for my mower I was able to adjust both front and back wheels to the height I wanted to cut the grass. With the temperature down to 84°, I started mowing around 6:30pm. I have four to five different kinds of grass in this yard but at least it is green this time of year, without having to water it. I'll mow what I have even though I am tempted to plow it all up and start over. (not going to happen)

Things are nice and quit at 6am but today and yesterday the humidity slaps you in the face as soon as the patio door is open. It is 84% at 6am, yesterday it was 90% and I did very little during the day. I doubt that I do much more than I did yesterday outside. A trip to the Pet Food Center is #1 priority. I need to find and buy at least two if not three huge bones for them to chew that are not made of rawhide. No matter the size, Bully Sticks last about 10 minutes with these guys. 

Again I heard silence in the house which means the hounds are back outside which is good. That was the plan when I put the fence up, that they would have free reign to come and go as they please. I was positive I would catch them eating the new tech wood again so for a change in photos I stopped to exchange my lens from a 70-200mm to the 18-50mm. They were exploring the fence line until a bird flew into Henry's area.

The sound of early morning birds originate in that area of the neighbors yard. The very first thing she said to me when I moved in "do your dogs kill birds", not how you doing, welcome to the neighborhood or even where did you move from ... "do you dogs kill birds" was her introduction.

Can't you tell that is a vicious bird killer right there, just ready to pounce on the next one landing in his yard.

Walter likes to chase them out of his yard but never catches them and can't kill them since they fly away. Good aerobic exercise for him though.

So where is Walter during all of this excitement??? Where he is every morning after he eats, in the computer room sleeping until I wake him up with a camera or Watson wakes him up wanting to play. Walter is the only sane one around here I really believe. Of course, don't forget that he did his share of damage when he went through he chewing stage as a puppy.

Inside of Heidis bed that was laying on my bed while the dog bed cover was being washed. He not only got it off the bed, he checked out the insides of that piece of her bed.

Walter was housebroken at a young age so I thought it was safe to let him run the house with the patio door open when living in Arizona in 2020. I forgot to close my computer room door while I had gone to town.

This padding is from those 1' puzzle pieces you see for flooring. I had this pad under Stella's crate indoors to protect the carpet. Walter was addicted to that soft padding and would ingest them. Luckily they would pass through his digestive system without me having to take him to the vet with some kind of intestinal blockage.

Well I guess that does it for the "morning edition" of the blog today. Not saying there will be an afternoon edition but you never know. Time, activities, weather, temps, and what the hounds and dog do will determine that. I am off to enjoy the rest of the early morning on the patio with my second cup of coffee and decide what I want to do today besides buying dog bones.  LOL

Another hot, muggy day in the 90's here in "the tropics" of southern Indiana.


  1. Yep you do have a full-time job with the best pay in town! Excitement and Entertainment full of laughs. The high tech wood... I took a stroll out back and had a look at our gray colored high tech deck stuff. The stuff comes in all colors. We bought the stuff from Lowe's and I think Menard's may even sell it. Take that little piece with you and check out Lowe's and if you have a Menards check there too. Those boys are best boys in town!!!!

    1. I checked websites of Menards, Menards and Lowes and didn't see anything. I was planning on taking a piece with me and show the experts in the store to see what they can come up with. Good suggestion. They calmed down today so it's been a nice change.

  2. I truly believe that neighbor is a piece of work as they say. Wants to control anything and everything in your yard. Too much time on her hands - she needs a hobby.

    Love the photos and especially of Henry in full speed ahead mode.

    1. I told my friends that it makes you wonder why this house has been sold so many times since it was built in 1958. Is it more than just a small house and growing families or the size it is now and took other jobs? Makes me wonder since they have been in their house since 1958.

    2. Yes Henry does surprise the camera sometimes. LOL