July 23, 2021

Henry, Walter & Watson Love Their Freedom

The difference in the hounds and the dog are indescribable since their yard is now fenced, the smaller area temp fence is gone and Henry is no longer wrapping his long tether around the legs of people wanting to pet him. We are back to our ways of Arizona where most of the time the patio door is open for them to come and go as they please. I know, a doggie door would work good but honestly I have never liked the looks of them next to a patio door and I am definitely not cutting my wall to insert one.

Watson continues to be a stellar puppy, although the past few days he has decided that all sticks he finds along the fence line, need to be brought inside for safe keeping. He obeys well, loves food and is starting to have that lanky bloodhound trot. He leans into everyone, including me, when he wants petted. That is going to be pretty heavy lean when he is 125 pounds.

I mentioned to Henry's breeder the other night that I think Henry would sleep outside if I would let him. She said that all of her puppies were usually sleeping outside on their own by the time they are 8 weeks old and going to new homes. He loves the deck and the grass to sleep on since the fence has been installed.

Watson always likes to make sure that Henry is sleeping.

Walter is now shut off from the neighbors tree that he use to pee on every morning but he still heads in that direction.

Walter also spends a lot more time outside now that the yard is fenced.

With their play session starting around 5am every day, they are knocked out by 7am for a short hour or two nap.

I thought my Marigolds were safe up high ... until I stepped out on the patio to see Watson standing on his back legs, front paws on the table licking the flower of a Marigold. Not sure what my next plan is to keep the Marigolds safe.

Walter was resting up before his "Facebook fan" showed up for a visit on Wednesday. My old friend from high school days and his wife drove down from Indianapolis to welcome the hounds and the dog back to Indiana. They lost their 13 year old boxer a few weeks before I lost Stella so they said they needed a dog fix. George and Walter became such fast friends that before I knew it, Walter was up on the couch, feet on his shoulders licking George's face and ears. It was a great visit as we had not seen each other since 1995.

Henry is now the one that wants to sleep but has a puppy bothering him. He use to do that to Stella. 

Watson caught in the act of chewing one of his new sticks.

Being able to see through the fence at 5:45am and see this is a great way to finish a cup of coffee to start the day.

I really like seeing that Watson is a laidback puppy at such a young age. That is a good sign for when he is older and much bigger than he is now.

"Where is everybody"????

As much as I want to blog every day at the end of the day, it's too hard for me to do right now. My "to do" list on the house is a mile long but progress is being made, I don't have the 7 acres of field to walk with the hounds twice per day so not a lot of photo opportunities like I had before. I can usually multi-task but for some reason recently I can't seem to do something else until a project I am working on is done. I wish I could.

Walter is not a fan of riding in the car. He even gets excited with anxiety when he sees me getting ready to leave the house. He pants a mile a minute, runs to get one of his bright green or orange bones then starts chewing rapidly. Plus he does not want to go on walks. So most of his photos will have to be here at home.

The other two love to walk but with two dogs and two hands I need a third to hold a camera and take photos of our walk. Maybe I can now walk one at a time and take photos around the neighborhood where we walk. I just pick up a leash and Henry is running for the front door, that is how much he loves to walk.

Watson is learning everything Henry likes to do, so he also runs to the front door. I can almost hear the loud lonely bloodhound howl in the future when he is in the backyard while Henry and I go out for a walk/photo shoot. So it should be interesting.

There is a lot of area I want to drive out to and take some trip/adventure photos. There is plenty to see around this area and it's beautiful country. The leaves changing color this fall should be fantastic to see. 

So bear with me if you come to the blog and there isn't a new post yet. Eventually when we are shut inside this winter blogging will become much easier IF I have the indoor projects on the "to do" list finished. I have a few rooms I want to paint and have a plan to keep the hounds and the dog out of my way.

It's cool at night, hot and muggy during the day but bright sunshine most of the time here in "the tropics" of southern Indiana.


  1. It will be interesting to see how you keep them out of your way while painting. LOL

    1. Could be the hardest project every, although Heidi and Stella stayed out of my way and out of the paint when I painted the old house a few years ago. But these are kids and it's going to challenging.