July 09, 2021

Two Vet Appointments Today

I had mixed emotions about taking Henry and Walter to their vet appointments today. I was glad that Walter could get his stitches out from the neuter process a couple of weeks ago. Supposedly there is no charge but I had my doubts. For his bill I paid before they even brought him out for me to take home. The bill was back with the vet tech that would bring him out, so I had no idea how much "upselling" they had charged me for. I was irritated after seeing the itemized list of charges.

Henry would be going in for his first annual checkup and to get a rabies shot. I don't even like giving him that shot but it is required by law, we do have some wild animals at night passing through the yards of the neighborhood, so I guess that is some justification for the shot. I told them when I set up the appointment he would need none of the other shots they like to give. He will not be in a kennel, nor at a dog park with other dogs. I never had those shots for my other hounds for over 20 years and many of those years living next to that field up north, I didn't even do regular rabies shots.

So I was a little curious how today's vet trip would go. Those issues were not my biggest concern. I want to go in with Henry as the vet examines him like I have done in the past. You get immediate feedback from the vet doing the exam and we can discuss any issues found or preventive suggestions. That all changes with the China Virus and curbside service for everything in our life. It was then a game of telephone or something like that, the game we played in elementary school ??

How much or how accurate is the vet tech telling me that the vet told her? Is she doing a summary of what was said? Did she leave out anything? What if I have questions, like I did when I picked up Walter a few weeks ago? I HATE that type of service. So I was a little anxious how that vet trip would go today.

As you can see, we had heavy rain and strong winds last night.

Walter does not like rain, wet patios, wet steps, wet floors, wet anything. He will check before he makes his first move outside in the morning.

Watson doesn't give one iota about rain, wet patios, wet steps or wet floors. To him that is water to be licked up like out of a water bowl. The more rain the better for him. He will even go out in the rain to pee in the yard.

I was anxious to see how much Henry weighs today at the vet. I was guessing 70 pounds before I took him over to the vet.

Watson continues to get taller. He likes to stretch out those long legs and his longer body when he sleeps. He fills up the small crate that Walter used as a puppy. The next size up is the large crate that Stella used and would escape out of until I added padlocks to different areas of the crate. Those locks will stay just in case.

Here you see Watson finishing up a few more laps around the patio to get all of the excess water off the deck. He also enjoys eating leaves dead or alive. 

Walter will always half growl/half bark when the other two are doing something wrong. Or he will come running to me and half bark to let me know to get out there quick as there is some kind of trouble. Henry and Watson keep me on my toes as expected. Henry is just like a puppy with Watson around. He has taught him how to be a counter surfer ... that is never good for a bloodhound.

Well I guess Henry is an official Indiana basset hound now, with his new rabies tag on, right above his new Apple AirTag. I thought that was going to come in handy this afternoon as we headed for the car for the vet trip 18 miles away. Henry loves to walk and loves being on a leash but he also loves to run across the street since we moved and check out the neighbors yard.

While Walter was in full denial and wasn't moving past the front door, Henry jumped outside and took off.  I had to get Walter in the car one way or another at the same time keeping an eye on Henry and on the little traffic that passes by the house. Bottom line both Henry and Walter piled into the back of the Mini Cooper an we were off to the races.

I was shocked ... they didn't charge for an office visit. I asked the girl at the desk if they missed that charge. They also did not charge for the removal of Walter's stitches. I had another surprise. The vet tech took Walter to pull out his stitches while the vet checked out Henry. I had just told the tech again that he was only getting one shot and not all the other stuff. The vet didn't question my reasons for that. It was a brief examination.

But here was a first. (Yes I know I am not to start a sentence with the word "but") I was actually going to buy some heartworm meds but they required a blood test to see he had heartworm before I could buy the meds. I figured since NexGuard fights ticks and fleas that is good enough until I see some mosquitoes. But to get HeartGard they need to do a blood test. I've never heard of that before.

Watson goes to the vet in 10 days for his 12 week old shots. I always ask out of curiosity what kind of food do they recommend. Some vets tell yo brand names others don't. This one did with some surprising answers. Hills, Purina and Iames. 

Sorry there is not more photos and commentary. I am finding it hard to be a daily blogger again.


  1. Walter is a great babysitter, does he get a little extra kibbles for his fine job? LOL. Henry looks so innocent. And the paw/leg that Watson put over Henry is like "two old buddies discussing their Friday night adventures on the town" those two I suspect could easily get into mischief!

    1. Oh they get in plenty of mischief. I found out yesterday that Henry has taught Watson how to be a counter surfer. They are an attached pair.