July 10, 2021

Some Early Hounds & Dog Play

The room was dark and it was very early when a huge clap of thunder woke me, the hounds and the dog up. None of them are scared of such noise but when they wake up, they head to the patio door to go outside. Only this morning all three stopped in their tracks as it was raining hard outside and they were not going anywhere. They did want their breakfast kibble as the skies roared outside. Finally that storm passed through enough where they could venture outside and do what they needed to do.

After I posted my post Friday early, I had some time to try the newly designed backyard and how to mow it. I heard a neighborhood filled with the sound of mowers so I knew something was up. I took a look at the 10 day forecast and realized that I had a couple of hours to mow the yard. It only took 47 minutes and I am set now to survive all the rain headed our way. The number of days we have had rain is not a surprise to me. I knew about it from my weather research before moving and before deciding to buy a house here. You can see Watson has started his patio cleanup with a sound of him lapping up water as he walks.

Here he his showing all of you his ability to counter surf, taught to him by Henry. He finds the best water on the cheapest and most comfortable patio chair in the nation. It has been moved from Arizona because it's just that nice. It also causes confusion when friends have asked over the past two years, "why don't you buy some patio furniture". I could, maybe should but I have never been a fan of having my living room outside. I guess a small table with a few chairs would be okay.

The Swiffer will be the most important tool in the garage/house today. I don't mind as I know that is part of it when it's raining outside. They cannot hold their bladders forever so they have to go out sometime and with that brings wet paw prints plus a lot of running while they do their morning ritual of playing. The hounds usually gang up on the dog but Walter can handle it.

I said last night I was finding it harder to be a daily blogger. I don't blog to be a daily blogger per se, it's just that I have that many photos of the hounds and the dog that I like posting and some like to see. Without the two walks through the field up north like we did for years, sometimes it is hard to find good photos. So with rain scheduled all day today I plan to take my camera with me and tour the city, even visit some places for the first time. I will be posting again late this afternoon or tonight on what I find.

To fill in the gaps of the poorly written post yesterday ....

I was surprised but pleased that I was in the exam room with the vet and Henry during her exam. I was able to answer the questions she had as she did mine. Only the vet tech asked me about giving the other shots and she did take Walter away to get his stitches out while Henry was with the vet. So all good there.

Henry weighed in at 66 pounds. That is only 7 pounds more than Walter but he seems much heavier. The vet said he looked really good and agreed with me that he really had a soft coat, something I had not seen in years. It was something I noticed in all the hounds, even Heidi last fall, when I switched brands of dog food. 

I assumed that Walter rolled over for the tech so she could cut his stitches out. He would not do that for me to inspect them but I could see from my angle on the floor during the past 10 days that they were healing without any signs of infection.

Watson is full of piss and vinegar this morning, leading the sprints through the house. So when it gets too quiet I have to get up to see what he is doing or he and Henry have gotten into. As expected with a puppy and one that still thinks he is a puppy. Right now since it is just past 7am as they have always done either here or out west ... they sleep.

It's a wet one this morning in "the tropics" of southern Indiana.

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