July 04, 2021

Bombs Away

We heard some fireworks last weekend that gave me an idea that last night and most likely tonight was going to be huge. I wasn't wrong. I was on the couch watching a movie when the sky lit up outside above the field. The fireworks were so big you could have swore we were downtown watching what the city will put on tonight over the Ohio River. I put the movie on pause and walked out to the corner of the yard for a better view. These were city quality fireworks being launched into the sky. The hounds and the dog stayed inside sound to sleep.

Now none of these large explosions were coming from the houses near me, nor across the street a few houses away. No, these high artillery sounds were coming from the surrounding area from across the field to the west and somewhere in the distance from the southwest. One was so big right above the house I thought for a second I should take cover. The hounds and the dog did not even raise their heads up from the noise. THAT was a very good sign.

Walter must have known what was ahead because he had moved to his sleeping bag back in the bedroom hours before the sun went down. I was surprised that he did not come out running and barking at the front windows or the patio door in back with the amount of noise I was hearing. Not a sound from him or Henry. You can tell just how much they played today because they wore themselves out.

Luckily the bombings stopped a little after 10pm. Was there a reason both neighbors on each side of me were not home last night when our quiet neighborhood turned into a war zone? Coincidence? We were up and outside our normal time this morning but I could tell something was going on because Henry had locked into one spot of the yard and wasn't moving. He found out yesterday you don't want to bite the bees that move from one clover white bud to another. Luckily he was able to spit it out. I saw no signs inside his mouth that he had been stung.

Watson's tracking genes kicked in as soon as his feet touched the grass. He does very well when I hook up a long lead. He does not pull when walking and covers a lot of ground with his nose directing every move he makes.

Yes, Henry had found something that was not part of the yard. I was hoping it did not stink because his next move was going to be laying on the ground, rolling on top of whatever it was so he could mash it with his weight. I needed to finish my cup of coffee before I made my move out to see what it was. 

Believe me, something is up ... he just doesn't lay in the cold wet grass a little after 6am like this. Whatever he has, he is hiding from me and from the others.

There he goes, tying to mash whatever he has found ... funny hound.

Walter and Watson figured it must be good if Henry wasn't getting up and they had to go out and see what was going on. It was not Henry though that was going to show me the treasure. 

Watson had found something of interest right by Henry's nose. Since he is in the chewing stage cutting puppy teeth he will need to put it in his mouth and chew it. I saw him chewing something so it was time for me to go out and inspect.

I finally got out of my chair, put the camera on the table to walk out and see what the surprise was. His mouth was full with a baby bird still encased as if it was in an egg shell. There were no signs of a shell anywhere around. I do know the neighbor has two or three bird houses with eggs in them. Someway this one ended up in the middle of the backyard. They never saw where I tossed it.

Watson got taller last night and stronger. He has figured out he can run. So this morning for the second in a row all three are running all over the house playing. I can hear the tips of their toenails tapping on the floors. He is bigger so he is now on the offense battling Henry and Walter at the same time. Yet, like every morning around 7am all of them are dead to the world in the computer room as I edit photos and start a blog post.

He is really a good puppy and is house trained even at 10 weeks old. He has had chances not to wait to go outside but so far he will always whine to go out if I am not paying attention or am too busy. He is going to be a big strong bloodhound in a year or two. Hopefully the training I am doing now will help him be somewhat controllable. He does follow one word commands. He knows where his bed is, doesn't mind being crated when I am gone. Loves food. 

So tonight the plan is to get some photos if the neighborhood fireworks return to fill the sky above the field. I believe there are too many trees that will block my view toward the city where they will have a great show over the Ohio River. I will stay home though and keep care of the hounds and the dog just in case they decide the fireworks are bothering them. I failed to do that with my first basset hound Harry in 1987 and he spent his next 12 years afraid of fireworks and thunderstorms. Not afraid but terrified of them.

I am sure that Apple means well when they have updates for computers, phones and tablets but sometimes they will change something with no way to fix it. Maybe in their latest iOS update they made every photo take "live" whether you want them to be or not. I have not found a way yet to change the default setting so I have to click the "live" icon before every photo I take with my phone to turn it off. That does not happen all the time. 

Some time back they also made the file size of their photos huge, like 3-7mb per photo. I guess that way if you save them in their cloud storage it forces you to pay for more storage capacity because you have used up your free allotment. 

The question of the day ... do trucks that pick up the trash have to ability with the flip of a switch in the cab to separate their load before loading the trash bin and then the recycle bin into the back of the same truck at the same stop? I am waiting for my answer to that question. I sent an email to my trash pickup company since they charge me for trash and then another charge for recycling material. 

I am not looking forward to another night of high explosions in the dark sky. A few of them rattled the windows so I wonder just what they are firing into the night and where did they buy them.

Otherwise it is a cool 64° right now, with the sun out and the windows open here in "the tropics" of Southern Indiana. 


  1. Tonight is our fireworks spectacular! Our lake association sponsors it and this year budgeted $125,000 for the fireworks. In late afternoon we will have several fly overs with vintage planes, etc. Always a fun time!

  2. I am curious about he trash collection so let me know the answer please. I am so sick of the schemes that are practiced on us just to suck our money from us. It's an accounting thing for me. Another irritate for me was when I was an auditor and the small town local doctor's wife kept all her used pantyhose and donated them to the salvation army store for a write-off. I cringe at the sight of pantyhose because I can't help but wonder - WILL THEY BE DONATED when they are snagged too. Happy 4th to you and the boys!

  3. 89 right now at 1pm... only 80 inside.. not too bad.. slight breeze... we have two different trucks to come by for the garbage... i would think if ONE truck picked up both cans, there would be a suspicion that it is NOT being separated... and that is stinky (haha) to charge for two services... pups are SOOOO cute

    1. Those temps lately in Oregon and Washington are hard to believe. They might separate it at their facility but I doubt that. It will be interesting to find out their answer. Quite a change on the pups. Ive never had this many young ones at the same time.