July 27, 2021

Henry Goes Crazy With A New Bone

Wednesday morning I converted the blog theme back to what it was yesterday before 3pm Central Time and what I have used for years.

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, the design has changed. I have always liked this design and I needed a change. For those that make comments or read comments ... if you place your curser over any part of the post on the home page, in the upper right corner of each post you will see a number ... this is the number of comments if any. Click that number, scroll to the bottom and make a comment or read them.

For those that like to read the other blogs I listed on the right side of the blog, they are still there. There should be a vertical bar on the right side of the screen, hold your curser over that and it will show you the blog list, blog archives etc ... click the title and that will open into a dropdown menu listing blogs and other links.

The pages for favorite photos, pages of each hound are still at the top and easy to see.

I am also posting my post now so you can read what I just wrote plus I am heading out to see the Evansville Otters baseball team, to play in a few hours.

Click the blog post title to open it to read or see all the photos in that post. Let me know what you like or don't like about the changes.

Soon after my post this morning I fired up the 1960 VW Single Cab and headed a few miles down the road to the Pet Food Center. Like all of their inventory of pet foods and supplies, they had a good variety to choose from. I picked a little of everything so I could see what would be popular if I decide to buy more in the future. I left the packaged bone inside and then laid out the other five bones/sticks on the patio deck.

They were really excited as we walked to the door with them in my hand. I figured there would be a mad scramble for them and a possible fight. I was ready just in case I would have to break up a true hound and dog fight. I was a little surprised when they didn't scramble after them. Walter didn't know what to think and finally took a sniff of one but walked back inside.

I picked up one of the bully sticks to give to Watson but he wasn't interested in that one. He wanted the big one, the longest one, that Henry scooped up as soon as it touched the patio deck and ran to the far side of the yard with Watson chasing him.

It took just one growl to let Watson know that un uncertain terms was he to come close to the bone nor was he to bother Henry for the next hour or 54 minutes if you really want to know.

Being somewhat independent, all of that didn't bother Watson, he decided he'd rather look around at the neighborhood although no one was outside.

In 25 minutes that long bone you saw Henry with a few photos above this one, is down tot that as he took his first break from chewing and eating it nonstop. I wasn't sure he was ever going to come up for air as I watched them from a distance. I filled their water bowl with fresh water. Watered the azaleas and moved them to the north side of the house, still in their pots. Watered the Miniature Japanese Maple I bought a few weeks ago, still in it's pot until I decide were I want to plant it. It needs an area of 10' area so it get get 7' tall.

By the time Walter and I returned from the front and side yards outside the fence, Henry was back at it, chewing on this like a mad man. I didn't think it would last long when I bought it and as much as it cost I will not be buying another.

45 minutes from the time he took the bone from the patio he was down to this and was taking another break. It reminded me seeing those highlights on ESPN of hotdog eating contests. It also made me wonder what it will be like the next time Henry needs to go outside. Will my pooper scooper be big enough?

Watson was no longer interested in bones, water, being petted or anything but ... going back inside. He was thinking an early nap was the best thing going. It was up to 90°,

The 70-300mm is just to big of a lens to shoot inside. I barely fit him in the photo.

This time of year Walter would rather stay inside with the AC on. I see my July electric bill has me paying about 50% more than I was last July living in Arizona. It was about that same increase in June too.

By 1pm Henry looked like he was having no ill effects of consuming 2' of something that was not rawhide. No stomach growls, no vomiting, just a look like nothing is going on out of the ordinary.

With new blooms showing up on the hydrangeas and roses I will leave them where they are. This fall I will cut back the hydrangea pretty short like the one on the far end.

I would rather have something else in that large area besides roses but that will be okay while I start on the north flowerbed from scratch.  With the humidity dropping to 41% by 1pm, that 92° did not feel that bad. With Walter snoring, Watson trying too and Henry sleeping on his back, it was time for a siesta. A new batch of ice tea was in the fridge for later consumption so the day had been a success so far.


  1. Why do they always choose the most expensive chew bones to devour? Between those and pieces of wood, what can you say? Just hard to imagine sometimes, what they will want to chew on next. LOL

    1. I bought a bone this morning that I thought was a solid knuckle bone ... gave it to Henry, pulled out the house to water some flowers and grass seed, put the hose up ... the bone was totally gone. It must have broken up but here were no signs of any pieces anywhere. I looked to see if he buried it somewhere but didn't find it. I am not sure what the next move is after today. They need bones to stay away from my patio and Henry things all the bones are his. LOL