November 09, 2015

Heidi and Stella Go Toe To Toe

For it to be close to 60° outside today it sure seems much more colder than that. Of course it was high 30's to low 40's most of the morning. With this recent short period of colder weather I am not sure I want to spend the winter here.

Besides feeling like a weird day today, there is a new game in town, so to speak. It started Sunday afternoon in the living room. Heidi had moved to her spot on the couch for her normal nap in the sunshine that was coming through the windows.

I was in the computer room and didn't notice at first what was going on until I walked out to find Stella pawing at her to play and Heidi in Stella's face barking in her "attack" mode.

The more Heidi barked the more Stella howled ... thinking it was part of the game she was playing. Heidi was seriously telling her she didn't want to be bothered and of course as with any bloodhound the rougher play is the better it is. They don't know their own strength and feel no pain.

I stopped them and that was it for Sunday between the two.

Although Heidi is a basset hound she has always been able to jump up on my bed. After everyone is awake and moving throughout the house in the morning, Heidi likes to move from her over night spot on the floor to my bed to sleep in the sunshine coming through the window.

This morning the howling is louder, Heidi's barking is more intense and I actually think after seeing her she was was really mad about Stella bothering her again. With Heidi on the bed she was now eye level with Stella who was standing on the floor next to the bed. Heidi is barking and Stella is pawing at her, and howling back at her. Once Heidi retreated to her spot to sleep, Stella placed her two front paws up on the bed while still standing on the floor only to have Heidi back in her face barking to get off of "her" bed.

Winston, only a few feet away, slept through every minute of this noise. Sadie came and got me and then sat outside the bedroom in the hallway with her ears laid back and glancing at me while listening to the rotation of howls and barking. She didn't know what to think or do because she has never seen anything that loud since arriving here in 2008 as a 12 week old puppy.

I finally had to get Stella out of the bedroom and shut the door so Heidi could sleep in peace.

So far, the rest of the day nothing has happened that loud ... they did touch noses though earlier this afternoon.

The hounds haven't done much today but sleep inside and only sniff for bad stuff to eat outside. Of course Sadie and Winston look in the photos as if they haven't done anything like that .. not guilty, even after I stood their watching them through my zoomed lens.

Speaking of lenses ... camera is back to working without any problems ... strange.

Both think they are innocent of doing anything they are not allowed to do.  I don't believe all the hounds are happy with the quantity of food feeding them twice per day instead of once. They expect the normal amount of food they received before ... but only twice per day ... LOL.

Back to my book and a new cup of coffee here in the freezing tropics of southern Indiana.

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