November 12, 2015

Hounds Cruise Through Another Week

Wednesday afternoon didn't bring much more activity than earlier. Heidi finally climbed out of bed, ate her meal and came outside for some afternoon sunshine. She just does not like the weather to be below 70°.

The bloodhounds didn't do much but walk around, sniff the area and then sat and stared at me wondering what was next on the agenda.

I am finding that Stella and Sadie constantly fight for my attention. The bloodhounds seem to crave more attention than the basset hounds. They don't follow me literally everywhere but when I am away from my desk doing something they seem to be in the way and right there.

For instance most hounds I believe are afraid of vacuums ... not these two, They followed me and stood next to me every square inch of the house while I vacuumed. While doing laundry, the bassets slept in the sunshine seeping through the windows but the bloodhounds were right in the middle of different stacks of sorted clothes waiting to be washed. Their noses never stop working.

When the refrigerator door opens, usually all four hounds will wake from their deep sleep to see if any food can be had. Heidi may not get up all day but when there is any kind of dog food or human food involved she is right there ... you can't tell that by her ribs showing.

This morning it was still dark outside but Winston was up and ready to start the day. He paces and whines until that wakes me up. I let all of them outside. There isn't a better alarm clock than Winston ... the problem is I don't have an alarm clock and no need for an alarm clock.

Heidi use to sleep until noon and would rarely go out with the other hounds in that early morning darkness to dump their tanks. That has all changed now that breakfast is served as soon as they returned inside. She is up with the other hounds now because she knows she will be fed when she gets back inside. Plus, all of them don't stay out and wander in the field on that first trip like they use to.

By the time I get the bowls filled with their quantity of food, all four hounds are standing at the door with tails wagging, waiting to get back inside to eat their breakfast.

After my first cup of coffee, Sadie stands by my desk chair telling me it was time to go outside again. Lately Stella and Sadie will go outside while Winston and Heidi continue to sleep. Stella does her normal route, Sadie stands and watches her ... then when Stella steps in that north yard she sprints at her and the playing begins.

There wasn't a lot of sprinting this morning but a lot of head and chest bumping ... they stopped just as fast as they started, returned to the house and were immediately asleep.

I posted earlier about my thoughts on dog food, along with an article ... but even eating good premium dog food Sadie still enjoys a good stick to chew on. She rarely eats them but breaks them off into 1"-2" pieces and spits them out.

The 20mph winds last night blew most of the leaves out of the yard and driveway ... that's always a good thing. Cooler temps are here in the tropics of southern Indiana ... I'm already looking forward to the spring and summer.

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