November 05, 2015

The Forecasted Rain Arrives

For those that have not read my earlier blog post from this morning ... this is my 2nd blog post of the day. I may start writing more than one post per day, we'll see. Just in case you might want to look at the right sidebar at the post titles or scroll at the bottom of the post for new posts written.

I'll admit I took the day off from life today. Didn't do one thing, except feed myself and the hounds. A bad trend is starting. Stella has now decided to be the spokesperson for the other hounds and is now howling for me to feed all of them. She has a great howl but the problem is, dinner time isn't until 12 or 1pm with the time change and she is howling at 10:30am.

I finally broke down and poured the dry kibble out at 11:30am. The sleep monster Heidi who had not been awake all day by that time, woke up when she heard the dry kibble hit the stainless steel bowls and came sprinting in for her lunch. She even made it outside and spent more time chasing flies than anything else.

While we were outside after lunch I could see in the distance that the rain forecast might actually happen. Around 7pm tonight I started to hear a lot of thunder and then a light rain hitting the large sycamore leaves that are laying in the yard. I was told in August that Stella did not like thunder. Tonight there was enough thunder for her test ... she never reacted one way or another, just laid behind my desk chair and went to sleep.

Stella and Sadie still found time for some afternoon play ... around Winston, who had found his spot for the afternoon and he wasn't moving no matter what.

They went at it pretty hard for a short period of time, just long enough for both of them to sleep the rest of the afternoon away as I played Mahjong. I finished a couple of timed games under 3 minutes. These photos are listed in the order they were taken.

After a nice piece of baked salmon with steamed carrots and broccoli tonight for dinner, I am set for the NFL game tonight. Since I am not in the mood to watch a movie I may actually watch the whole game tonight, with a book nearby in case I decide to turn the sound down and read.

Another day of nothing here in the tropics.

I continue to be happy about picking up Stella. She has been a great addition and has really helped Sadie get some additional exercise. She is a great bloodhound.

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