November 01, 2015

Great Weather Today - Hounds Relaxed

After some cool temps yesterday, the Daylight Savings time gave us another hour of sleep. Does it really matter when you're retired? Not really but for some reason my body feels better on the time it has returned to.

The first rude awakening was starting the daily routine by letting the hounds outside while I make coffee. I was OUT of coffee ... pure panic. So it was a quick 25 mile roundtrip to the nearest store that had good coffee ... that happens to be a Super Walmart. I wasn't happy about making the trip but I knew I couldn't function without coffee.

Afterall, my last college game didn't start until 11pm local time last night so that put me in the 2:30am range before the Washington Huskies were finished destroying the Wildcats of Arizona. Well worth staying up for all of that game.

As usual the hounds slept through most of the college games yesterday, the World Series game and the late night college games. They changed locations a few times but they know by now if you leave your seat you will lose your seat. They can hold out longer than I can.

They didn't do much Saturday for their breaks of going outside. They stretched a little, sat and sniffed the air but they were more interested in going back inside to sleep.

Sunday when I got back from the run to buy coffee, the time change had kicked in and all four hounds were standing as close to me as they could, letting me know they wanted to eat. So ... until next spring it looks like their new dinner time will be noon every day and will change to 1pm next spring and summer.

Before their meal they needed to burn off some energy. Sadie and Stella played for a short time, Winston sniffed the area and even Heidi came outside but only to dump her tanks. Her skin has stabilized with a little improvement after 6 weeks with the probiotics supplement added to her food.

Shaking the the ears loose
Since I have held off on the Epsom Salt soaks to check for any improvement just by giving her the probiotics, she will get a Epsom 20 minute soak today.

Great weather today, temps in the 60's ... windows open ... and NFL football on the tv.

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