November 17, 2015

Hounds Cancel Today Due To Rain

Like any MLB baseball game, at times things get cancelled due to rain. The hounds called today off early this morning while outside in the dark at 7am. They came back outside to check things out at 3pm when the skies brightened up ... only to go back inside where all of them have been sound to sleep since.

Here were their day's activities.

You may be asking where is Heidi?  With the new breakfast plan she went outside in the dark at 7am, came back inside to eat and has been hibernating inside. Here exercise today has been moving among her three sleeping spots.

I've been reading, drinking coffee and enjoying myself on Twitter ... that place has been on fire the past couple of days. Let's just say there are not a lot of happy people throughout our country. Two good basketball games on tab tonight, along with a couple more interesting teams playing. I think ESPN is calling this 24 hours of straight basketball.

Those games will get me to the weekend of college football. Some good books, coffee, sports and the hounds make for a good time here in the tropics of southern Indiana.

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