November 08, 2015

Last Week's Hound Walk

I forgot to download these photos from my iPhone that I took last Wednesday. Heidi still refuses to come on the walks almost all the time now. Sadie gets to walk leash free. Stella is on a 25' retractible leash because she is still "new" to the field area that has unexpected deer traffic at times. Winston is on a 25' retractible leash because he is slower than slow.

That doesn't mean I drag him on the walk, it just means I can control the number of times his nose takes over where he will wander to follow his nose, drop way behind us and then cuts his daily walk short. We still have to stop and wait for him at times but at least he completes the walk which he likes and is within 25' of me, when his nose gets in control.

Their noses are always working.



These are from yesterday afternoon during one of the few breaks to go outside between and during the football games. Stella wanted to ride in the FJ. Sadie thought she heard the word "go". We didn't go anywhere but just outside and back for them to dump their tanks.

Another beautiful sunset last night.

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