May 08, 2017

It's Been One Of Those Monday's

After so many hours of good performance, my computer turned on it's 'buggy' button this morning around 10:30am. It's much like that water in the picture, where on Saturday it had receded enough to show some land out in the middle of it but those are gone this morning. About the time I am about to "yell uncle", I give up and head to the Best Buy store for a new computer .... this one starts working again flawlessly and fast.  LOL

I knew today might be interesting as early as last night when I noticed we were shutting down for the night just a few minutes past midnight. That's never a good thing because it means we will be getting up while it's dark a little after 6am. At least I can start my coffee consumption earlier than normal and take advantage of the 50Gb of data I have for the month between the hours of 2am - 8am.

All of this didn't matter to the bloodhounds, by 9am they were running up the path to start the walk and I just made my first error of the day ... not changing my shoes to prevent my feet from getting wet and today cold.

Stella was like she was shot from a cannon and was running all over the place. I was already complaining to whoever would listen, that my feet, shoes and socks were drenched with the early morning dew and by the end of the walk so were my jeans ... picture below.

By the way the hounds were acting this morning I shaded my eyes with my hand as we made the first corner turn into the bright sunshine. I was looking for deer, even though they weren't. No deer today but the hounds were highly energetic and headed to the far right corner.

By this time my mesh running shoes are wet, my socks were so wet I could hear the squishing sound inside my shoes with each step I took. Of course with the temps in the mid 40's at this time meant my wet feet were freezing!! I wasn't a happy walker.

Sadie and Stella did not care that their ears, face and stomach were wet also. They were strictly business this morning. I could follow them wet grass and all or stop complaining, my choice.

It was at this time I became much more wet because the hounds went straight into those woods just as I snapped the shutter. I took off running after them in the tall wet grass and I could feel my legs becoming soaked. That increased the water inside my shoes. I had a long way to go to be happy.

Luckily they had not gone too far into the woods and turned to run down the edge of the field toward our last turn. They were waiting for no one today. During this time I was wondering what the computer was doing. When I left I had just clicked on the red button to close Google Chrome when that spinning beach ball turned up again. I did not wait to see what the computer was going to do.

It got to the point that anything I did with just a click of the mouse, or in my case the track pad, the program would either become "non-responsive", would hang and eventually start working, or one time locked up the computer to the point I had to hold the power button down to turn it off.

Heidi came outside for a short time after lunch but it wasn't warm enough for her and she headed right back inside after doing her part to fertilize the front yard. She is the smartest one of all of us. She is still doing well on the Wholesomes™ SportMix dog food.

When I checked on the computer again, it had processed all the mouse clicks I did before the walk. It decided to open an excel spreadsheet I had tried before the walk. Everything looked good, until I placed the cursor on the cell I wanted to type a number ... that stupid spinning beach ball was back. Each click equaled the spinning beach ball. (hourglass for windows)

So I jumped on my laptop and started looking at computers again. I could tell a huge difference in performance when I started using the laptop. I only have 60Gb of data on my iMac hard drive now since I transferred my Photo Library to an external drive. You would think that would make this computer faster than ever ... yet at times it crawls. Normal operations has about 55% of my RAM being used.

Typing an email before I did this post, things were so buggy and slow that while I was typing no words were showing up ... they started appearing slowly one letter at a time. I decided I'd get a blog post out before I head to Best Buy.

Of course since that time, this computer has been working perfect.

I am going to take the hounds out for their 2nd walk of the day and mumble to myself about what to do. When we get back I'll play around with the computer a little and see if it is going to act up again. If it doesn't I'll probably not buy a computer today.

The external drive for my pictures is working perfect. I see no reduction in speed of processing pictures.

From reading different blogs on the sidebar, it looks like this flooding is everywhere in the US and Canada. So really, my computer issues are nothing compared to what many people are going through right now.

It has been more frustrating than fun this morning here in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana .... how soon does college football start?  LOL

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