May 02, 2017

Stella Was Running Full Speed Today

Stella continues to get better. She did a lot of running this morning, some at high-speed. Plus when there is food around, she wants it, even if it's mine.

With the high winds and the cool temperatures yesterday, nothing was done outside. So as I sat at my kitchen table playing a lot of Mahjong and reading some books I noticed the water level across the highway was increasing, just like they forecasted. These next two pictures were taken a little after 1pm on Monday.

It makes you wonder if the owner on the left knew something we didn't, thus had not done any plowing to prepare to plant his field. I do not live near a river, only a small creek. Also, this is not the worse flooding I've seen since living here.

By this morning you can see that the water kept rising over night. It will take a lot of time before that field is dried out enough to run heavy farm equipment through there.

Like I said yesterday, a few years ago they installed some of the largest drainage pipe across that field in the same are the water is flooding this morning. There is more water farther right of the picture behind the neighbor's property. I wonder how much money was lost with the crop under water?

With plans of waiting for the sunshine to dry out the yard enough to mow this afternoon, we still had time to do our morning walk. Actually the grass and ground were dry as we walked. I'm not sure where the sunshine is and there is a long way to go to increase the temps 20° to get to the forecasted 65° today. That's Sadie deep in the growing grass.

Stella started her walk with a slow trot, then concerned me as she veered to the left and started to jog away from my direction. I had two hounds going two different directions. I had a feeling the walk was going to be a little more challenging for me, than the normal routine.

When I called out to Stella "over here", she abruptly turned to her right and started heading to the path I was on. In the meantime Sadie decided that she would be the one hanging back today. I did not even want to look at what she might be eating.

It was rare to see Stella out in front of the walk with no Sadie.

Sadie wasn't around because she was this far behind us. While I turned to follow Stella, the sky looked too gray and the feeling of rain was there but hard to imagine. There were just a couple of spots on radar that rain looked possible within hundreds of miles and I was under one of them.

As always Sadie came running to catch up with me. She rarely if ever has let me get out of her eye sight. Except when she has chased deer, then it does not matter where I may or may not be.

She ran right past me and headed toward the corner in back. I wasn't sure what her plan was today, nor Stella's ... I just kept walking and figure they would decide when and where they were going.

I am hoping to seeing Stella's ribs disappear and I wonder if it is too soon to believe that picture of her.

With storm clouds blowing south of us in a easterly direction, it was good to see blue sky and sunshine trying it's hardest to poke through the clouds. I have a feeling though, today is going to be a day of a lot of overcast sky and I may be mowing the yard later today while wearing a jacket or a thermal shirt under a sweatshirt.

This were going pretty normal at this time. Both hounds were in view. Nothing out of the ordinary was expected. I saw nothing in any direction that would cause the hounds to run away from me. What I forget sometimes, is that it's their nose and not their eyes determine where they go.

So I have to admit I had mixed emotions when I saw Sadie taking off in a sprint toward the neighbor's wooded area. There was nothing there I could see that would make her do that. The good thing was Stella took off after her running full-speed to catch up with Sadie.

These next few pictures are zoomed and a little blurry but show how fast she was running.

Whatever it was, they were not going to stop. I had to tuck my camera in my hand and take off running after them. We were not quite to the wooded area. They both turned to trot toward me once they saw I was getting close. Maybe they were wanting me to get some exercise because the rest of the walk ... they both walked to my side only a few feet away, like nothing happened.

I tried to get ahead of them for a final picture to end the walk. They both finished their walk with a fast sprint.

It's good to see Stella getting some fast paced running in this morning. The lump on her left ischium is gone and was not evident on Monday. She is back to hogging space on the couch while she sleeps. She moves Sadie out of the way to get closer to me begging for my food. She is howling even louder for her breakfast and lunch. All good signs that she is feeling better.

Nothing planned this morning except wait to mow the lawn this afternoon. I might post some later tonight if I have any more pictures. I'd like to move back to posting once per day at the end of the afternoon.

Cool and windy in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana.

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