May 01, 2017

Hounds Glad Storms Are Gone

I was warned the next storm coming our way Saturday night into Sunday, was going to be non-stop rain and the bite might be worse than the bark this time around. She was right ... it started to rain and never stopped.

Like I said on Saturday, before all of this rain showed up, I know for a fact that my gutters were clear and clean because I was on the roof cleaning them just a couple of weeks ago as I do every spring and fall.

When it's raining so much so fast, it has nowhere else to go than over the side of the gutter when it's full to capacity.

Luckily for the hounds, there were a few times where the rain lightened up enough that they would go as far as the yard and this one time the rain stopped completely. Yet with all the wet grass, they didn't go any further than this on Sunday. I doubt there are many pictures like this throughout the world of blogs ... LOL

By 9:00am this morning, the water in both fields kept rising. A few years ago they installed some of the largest drainage system I'd seen across their field ... right at the point of where this water is standing.

The winds were stronger than normal, it wasn't to 60° yet and the ground was over saturated but Sadie had to get out of the house. One day inside is one day too many for her. As I walked along the path with a little standing water, she took off.

Stella was showing some high energy this morning too. She was out as far as Sadie was but only to the left of the path looking for that same spot she wouldn't leave last week. Most likely that spot had been washed away. With all the rain it looks like the field grew a lot this weekend.

Once Stella hit the first turn she took off running for the far right corner. The few pictures I was able to take of her running turned out too blurry to post. With the winds blowing strong from the SW, I'm sure deer scent from the gully was filling up her nose.

In the meantime Sadie had locked on to something at the top of the gully before the turn that Stella was running past. The camera did not capture all of the movement she was doing, being quite agitated.

I had to call her name to get her to move. It's rare when I have to do that with Sadie.

By the time I had reached the back of the field, Stella had already trotted along the outside edge of the field across the far right corner and was headed down the backside of the field. She was sure that deer had crossed in that area.

Evidently the rains had washed away all the old scents, if that is possible, because both hounds were excited about what they were capturing with their noses. They were rarely together on this walk.

It's good to see Stella back to running. Each day she gets closer and closer to her old self. I'm anxious to see if her lost weight will also come back.

Looking at the clouds south of us during the walk it looked like it was going to rain here but the winds were blowing the clouds toward the east, the direction of this picture. With a little bit of sun and a lot of wind, I'll be mowing my yard by tomorrow afternoon.

I turned around to check on the hounds as I walked and both of them were dying to change course and head to the neighbor's wooded area. With a bribe where I named some food, they both turned and started running toward me. They were happy with what they got once they were inside.

The Monday has started off pretty fast after being cooped up in the house all weekend, even for me. By 10:30am we had been on our first hound walk, I had bought 80# of dog food and filled my own depleting food supply. Not bad since it was a 25 mile round trip to pick up groceries.

A couple of interesting computer / internet findings.

I was expecting to start the day with my first day of HughesNet counting my data. They gave me free data for the first 20 days after activating my account. Even though my installation was around 2pm that day, I figured my data clock would have started just after midnight.

I was wrong. Looking at their system data counter that I have access to with my account, they will not start counting my data until the exact time the installer called to activate the account, right down to the minute.

After twenty days I am still just as happy with my change from Exede to HughesNet Satellite Internet. It is just as fast at first day (48Mbps) and only lost it's signal one time over the weekend for less than a minute ... when the storms made the electrical power to my house flash off and on.

The other information computer topics is kinda strange. I almost added it to my blog post on Saturday but thought I'd wait to see if time cured it. Google has come out with a new log in screen and it worked perfect on my newer MacBook Air laptop but it didn't show up on my older iMac.

Not only that, but the way my blog was treated by the two different computers made it more weird. On the newer laptop that was showing the new Google login page, it would also keep me logged into my blog if I turned off Chrome. Google Chrome on the older iMac did not.

It acted like this for 3-4 days.

On my older iMac If I only turned off Google Chrome but left my computer on, I'd have to log back into my blog when Google Chrome was started again. At the same exact time when I restarted Google Chrome on my laptop and went to my blog, I was still logged in.

My only guess is that my computers were logged into Google Chrome on different Google servers and one of those servers did not have the update for the new log in page until 3-4 days later. Now, even after shutting off the computer for the night, I am still logged into my blog when it's restarted.

Stella is howling, Heidi is barking ... both letting me know I am late for pouring out their lunch kibble, so I have to go. They can keep time pretty well, even when it's Daylight Savings time.

Cooler, windy but no rain here in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana.

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