April 18, 2018

A Day Almost Missed

It was going to be close to 70° today with plans of being outside doing things, and mowing the yard as a minimum. I figured we would take up to 3 walks today and even Heidi might spend some time out in the yard just laying around to enjoy the sunshine. Those photos look like overcast skies to me but it is close to 70° like they predicted and I did get the parts of the yard mowed that I wanted.

Some people say it's the definition of insanity when you continue to make the same decisions and get the same negative results over and over and over. This isn't the first time it has happened but hopefully it will be the last time it will happen.

Over the past couple of years I have tweaked what I eat to the side of being healthy. All in search for food that does not give me indigestion. So that means I have had to cut out things that I loved to eat or drink and the same foods the millions of other like. Consequently as your system gets used to eating fresh veggies and fruits (I have always ate these) followed by water instead of soda ... when those 'rules' are broken I am basically out of commission for 12 hours.

All of the hounds know something is wrong so they hang close to make sure I have a pulse. They do not beg for walks, food or pets ... they all sleep the same time I am sleeping, or trying too.

So we had a late start to the day. By the time we took off the sunshine was gone but it was warm. It looked like rain and I wasn't really sure if I could complete the walk or not but it felt like I needed to do something. I decided that if I felt okay after the walk then I would move half of the back and half of the front yards because that is all that was needed cut.

So far so good. I've been eating a little food other than the mostly green banana and slices of plain toast. I can feel things getting back to normal. I had a friend tell me the other night that lives alone, that he never eats full meals anymore but small snacks of good food only when he is hungry.

Maybe that is something to try.

Sadie and Stella were thrilled to get outside. Stella followed us with some of my verbal coaxing and Sadie ran to the far right corner of the field and covered every inch of it with her feet and nose. Evidently heavy deer traffic in that area.

Not sure why I took the time to blog this. It seems I am back in the daily routine again. It's all be discussed before so I'll not go into that.

I'll leave you with the rest of the photos I took today on our walk.

This is part of the yard that I have not mowed yet this year.

I'll be out tomorrow looking for a lint filter to put on my drain-hose ... I hope I can find that at the local hardware stores instead of driving 25 miles to Lowe's or Menards.

Otherwise it's a good day today in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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