April 14, 2018

What Rain Does To The Hounds

As forecasted I could hear it raining in the middle of the night as I slept with the windows open. Rain is better than freezing cold in my book so I didn't mind it. It will last for only a day or two and we will return to sunshine. Yet if the rain is even a light rain but just heavy enough to drench the hounds after a half mile walk ... the the walk will be postponed. This morning turned out to be that way, so for the first time that I can remember I am posting a few photos to show you what the hounds do on a day like this when they are outside. Their trips are short and to the point if you know what I mean.

You can always tell how much it rained overnight by the low spots in the carport. If I see any kind of puddles I know that it has rained a lot. This puddle is telling me we have received about a half inch of rain since 1am. The local farmers knew rain was on the way. During my drive through the country with the Z4 top down yesterday I saw more than a few farmers out in their field spreading anhydrous.

Sadie always knows the danger of rain ... her walks are usually postponed and the excitement she had inside is no longer there. She knows the routine when she feels even a light rain hitting the top of her head.

Another signed it had rained most of the night. Sadie doesn't know it but she will be doing laps around the house in an hour or so as she runs away from the toenail clippers. She is okay once I catch her but she is never in a voluntary mood when it comes to cutting her too long toenails.

Luckily they both slowly migrate to the field to dump their tanks instead of the back yard. They don't stay out long.

When I stepped outside I thought it might be possible to take a walk in light rain with me wearing rain boots and a light rain jacket but it was hard enough to where I knew by the time we returned I would be the only one dry. With the natural oils of the bloodhound coat, you can never get their wet coats dry just by toweling them off. That would require some hot sunshine to speed up the drying process.

Even though they are not in the field long they still have to check different scents in the yard on their way back to the house. Yes ... they are getting a little wet as I repeat "come on". In the photo above I tried to capture the blinking bright white light through the trees from the cell phone tower in back.

Nice to see the flower survived sub zero temps this winter just as advertised.

This day has a feel of a book reading day. I'm tired of watching movies while I enjoy my 3 months of free movie channels for switching to Dish Network. My internet habit has decreased the past month and I am back in the routine where most of my internet use is in the morning and stops just after posting a blog post in the morning. After that I am doing things inside and outside the house.

I got a lot finished yesterday in a short amount of time. It was good to see that my roof shingles survived the extreme winter weather with no signs of damage. The gutters were clear and I only had to toss off a few small twigs.

It's going to be a pretty quiet day here in 'the tropics of Southern Indiana with a light rain outside the opened windows.

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