April 10, 2018

Another Day Of Nothing

Evidently the rivers are getting back to normal water levels so the creek on the sides of these corn fields are able to flow out thus draining water from the fields. All the water in the field on Monday was gone in a matter of 24 hours. All this rain is making the yards and the field green, tall enough to mow on Thursday (waiting to dry out) and bright sunshine that lead us to a nice morning walk.

I did a whole blog post of 'rambling' and then deleted it after I edited the photos this morning.

We stepped out this morning for our first walk around 9am. It should be the last day of cold weather (30's) and a lot of things will get done on Thursday and Friday outside when it's the 70's and hot. Sounds like t-shirt and cargo shorts weather to me.

I can tell by the way Stella is moving on her walks she is feeling good. I still think she has some soreness with her hips. I noticed she kind of flinched the other night when she crawled off the couch slow to stretch between innings of the baseball game.

I started feeding Sadie a measured cup more of kibble a few months ago and already see that her ribs have disappeared so I am back to feeding her a little less food. It's never good to be overweight at her size and age.

What is this pile of mud? What kind of animal does that?

I still find I don't have a lot to say when I post these pictures. Like I have said before, our daily routine basically never changes although I have some plans for bike riding this summer as long as my left knee holds out. I am not sure if the hounds would keep up with me if I did laps around the field on my mountain bike or not but might try that.

Almost every morning that I walk through the field I keep wondering if they are going to bale hay this June/July or will they turn it into an ATV park for their grandsons and their next door neighbor??

It's about that time for the annual check up and annual shots for the hounds. This year I am going to take the bloodhounds at the same time. Heidi usually goes alone because it's just too hard to handle 3 hounds at one time out in public or in and out of the FJ. I only get the rabies shot and pass on the other two because we don't go to dog parks, they are not kenneled nor around other dogs. Anyone else pass on the rabies shot? I think those are legally required.

It's good to see that Stella slowly migrates to the field as Sadie and I walk much further in front of her. Still quite shocking that she will walk toward me when I call her without having to walk over to here to tug on her collar. I hope she keeps that new habit.

It is always a slow process to finish the walk because there is so much new scent they have to check out.

That field cat has to be around here somewhere.

I might do a little tent testing with Stella this summer like I did with Sadie, Winston and Heidi in 2015 when we set the tent up and slept in it in the backyard a few nights before our June trip. If Stella passes a few tests with the tent then we might do a little camping this summer. There are really some nice National Forests around and plenty of open land to camp without moving into a SP.

It is certainly taking it's time getting warmer. Heidi was out just long enough to relieve herself and then sprinted back to her blankets on the couch.

A slow overcast cold day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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