April 27, 2018

Great Weather Makes It Hard To Blog

What can I say ... the weather has been fantastic which leads me outside more often and for longer periods of time along with the hounds. I find it harder than past years to sit down in weather like this and put a blog post together. So, just a warning, my blogging this spring and summer may be less frequently. The weather is not the only reason though.

I find I get more done on my to do list if I print out the list on paper and put one copy on my refrigerator door and one near my computer as a reminder, then putting a thick black "Sharpie" line through the task as I complete it. I have some of them listed on my 'reminder' app that came with my computer but the printed page shoves me into action more than an electronic list.

I have twice as many things to do as I did two years ago. With my font at 14 and spacing between lines at 1.5, I have a page full of things to do ... 26 of them. Nothing is hard but almost every one is time consuming. It looks like between getting some things done on the list, walking the hounds 2-3 times per day and watching ballgames ... it is going to be a busy summer.

I can tell the hounds like the warmer weather. Stella is trotting more and ignoring me more.

Sadie is add the 'far right corner' to her daily walks, morning and afternoon.

At this point when I saw both of them running toward that corner I was hoping they would not go down into the gully following the path and scent of the deer.

Stella was out of bounds and was in the thick brush heading deeper into the gully and further down the hill. I had to run after her to get her to turn around.

Otherwise it was a great afternoon walk.

It was perfect weather and a perfect time to pull the car cover off the Z4, put the top down as the engine idled and take a drive through the country. It was (is) another beautiful day.

The hounds are getting 3 walks per day in this kind of weather here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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