April 17, 2018

Warmer Days Ahead

We got a late start this morning but that did not diminish Sadie's energy when she knows we are going to go on a walk any time of day. I let both of them out while I put my hiking boots on and by the time I reached the backyard Sadie was halfway to the first corner of the woods.

Once she saw me with camera in hand and dressed for 30° weather she sprinted toward me all the way and tapped my knee with her nose to let me know she was ready. Stella had not moved the during the time I was inside the house and was starting so slow I thought she might be hanging back today.

One one hound too far behind to go get and the other taking off out in front of me I decided to keep walking and let Stella go where she wanted this morning.

She decided she would rather go with us than disappear so in a slow trot she gradually caught up with us. I am pretty sure her hips bother her anymore, enough that she can no longer run in a full sprint that she did a couple of years ago. Hip supplements that I tried did not seem to help.

She is not like Sadie. She might run up to you but never stops and most of the time will step on your foot if you are in her way. She will run into you instead of going around you, even inside the house. That is what she did this morning and kept on going. LOL

There was just a little wind out of the southwest and the forecast shows it will be 60° tonight and it will continue that type of weather for the next 10 days. That's a great sign yet I know that as late as the end of May it can still drop back into the 50's like it did a year or so ago. A photos library is a great way to track history.

All of the yard need to be mowed. I might wait one more day before so it can dry out a little more. The Z4 might finally get washed this week and I might even apply a coat of wax. The 2003 car still runs like a new one. It is powerful, quiet and smooth going down the highway. It's even more responsive in the 'sport mode'.

Once again the scents seemed pretty strong this morning. Both bloodhounds were pretty detailed in their exploration with their nose.

I had to do a lot of verbal herding to keep Stella focused enough to follow us. She gets distracted a lot and wants to go in the opposite direction of Sadie and I. Sadie on the other hand always moves forward and is so focused she has no idea what is going on around her.

I am pretty close to making a decision on what to do about the washer and dryer.

I looked to the right and didn't see any deer in the vacant cut field but remember bloodhounds can hear 4x better than the human ear and their noses can smell scent we can't come close to. I am not sure what got Sadie's attention but I am glad that she continued the walk instead me having to run after her in the field to our right.

This is the path the deer take across the back of the either to or from the woods north of us.

I was able to get both of them headed in the direction of home and both of them walked at a slow steady pace with a few stops along the way.

After looking at all the angles I am going to go with buying a new washer and dryer at a good price and with the same or a little larger capacity of the washer I have now. It will be a top loader, both units on sale with good consumer reviews. I don't really want to 'test' my old unit again and then have to go through the same process of cleaning up water, pulling the old units out of their space and cleaning up the floor under the washer plus drying it out with a fan.

If the washer is borderline broke now it will not be long before it is broke beyond repair, so I'll replace it now. A friend reminded me last night that I wouldn't want to go out in the winter and bad weather just to do laundry. Then I remembered those single digit temps this past winter and knew that she was right.

The day of delivery I'll pull both units out and shut off the water at the meter in the front yard.

Not much planned today besides a couple of more walks. If Heidi comes out of hibernation and I take enough photos in the afternoon I might add another blog post later today or early evening. Heidi has not been out any longer than it takes for her to relieve herself first thing in the morning and after her lunch. She might go out with the bloodhounds at night if she wakes up.

A beautiful day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana today.

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