April 26, 2019

I Almost Lost It Today

I've been so busy today that I can't remember what day it was and I almost forgot that I blogged yesterday. Anyway, after a day and night of rain on Wednesday and Thursday the forecast showed today would be one day of no rain before it starts again on Saturday for six more days. I didn't know if the yard would be dry enough to mow or not but I did know if it wasn't after a week of rain I might have to 'bale' the yard instead of 'mow' the yard after it stopped raining.
I found out this morning while cleaning the downspouts, birds had built a nest that was washed down into the spout. Otherwise the whole gutter, the length of the house in front was clean and dry.
Late Thursday afternoon the rain finally let up enough for the hound to relieve themselves but Stella wasn't going for it. She turned and headed back inside waiting almost another eight hours before she went outside after midnight to relieve herself.
Heidi always finds a way to get around the wet yard, porch or mulch.
This morning Stella was sure I had been somewhere in the car and I didn't tell her. She gave each tire a thorough exam. I cannot remember where I went on Thursday ... seriously. My mind is blank on that question.
I knew with all the rain the path was going to be mostly water this morning. I wasn't that thrilled about taking a walk on that path but luckily Stella had a better idea.
She decided that if I would follow her, we would take the "high ground" where the path might be a little more walkable. This is her normal start after heavy rains.
As we got further back in the field she walked to the side of the drenched path. A lot of it was under water.
My only plan today was to get the ladder out and get myself up on the roof to clean out those two gutter downspouts. They were over flowing with water yesterday and the rain never let up enough for me to do it then. I already told you about the one in front but the back one was unbelievable. The full length of the gutter was full of water. I had never seen it that backed up.
As I pulled the spout wire protector out thinking it would be loaded with leaves or sticks, it was barely covered with anything and certainly not anything that would block the water flow in the downspout. Yet, it was full of water. So it had to be further down into the spout.

No matter what I had to do, I HAD to get this problem fixed today before the next six days of rain. I was willing to take the sections of downspout apart and hose out any debris with my garden hose if I needed to. I put the ladder away, grabbed a screw driver in case I needed to disassemble the downspout. Exciting times here ....
First, I pulled up the very bottom of the downspout that goes into my drainage system tube and there was the problem. I can't remember the last time I cleaned it out or if I have ever cleaned it out but there had to have been almost 12" of packed wet leaves and sticks that had made it down into the 6" drainage tube plus backed up in the very end of the gutter downspout.

Once I pulled all of that out, that 80' of water in the gutter came out like a waterfall. Right into the drainage system like it should and away it went.  Although I know I have to dig up and reinstall new drain tubing because most of it is plugged up with mud after 20 years.
With that fixed so fast and the sunshine out bright, I decided I'd drive over to the BMV to renew my drivers license that was going to expire in a couple of weeks. The only reason I mention this is because I ALWAYS HAVE PROBLEMS when I go to the BMV. NOTHING is easy, even the simplest tasks and that is why I do everything online.

Only what I needed to do I could NOT do online.

It was the card I got in the mail the other day telling me about the new "Real ID-compliant" drivers license that I will need after October 2020 to fly on a commercial planes or enter any federal facility. I thought I'd get that added to my new license. THIS IS WHERE THE FUN BEGINS.  (long humorous story)
The post card said I needed my birth certificate, social security card OR proof of a Social Security Number and two proofs of Indiana residency.

Seems simple enough.
I pulled my birth certificate out of the safe but instead of taking my social security card I already had my Military Retired ID card in my billfold and that had my social security number on it. For my residency proof I took the original copy of my property tax for 2018 and my water bill that I receive in the mail.

You will NOT believe where this story goes.

I drive the 12 miles on a two lane highway with that one special driver that is going 40-45mph in a 50 mile speed zone and since it is Friday the on-coming traffic is solid .... meaning I never have a chance to pass this slow ************ but I am calm as I walk into the BMV. I touch the pad and get my receipt for a number, and I am next in line.


I sit down and answer her question of what I needed. I presented the post card I got in the mail while explaining my license was coming due and I'd like to do it all at once. I handed her my drivers license with my name and street address on it ... SHE CAN'T USE THAT AS PROOF OF RESIDENCY ... no shit!!!

I hand her my birth certificate and my military retired ID card for the showing her the social security number. I also gave her my 2018 property tax to prove my residency as well as my water bill. (the only thing I get in the mail because my life is all electronic now)


She hands back the property tax that shows my name and street address telling me "I cannot use this for proof of residency because it is over 6 months old !!!!"  I'm stunned ... speechless ... I pick up the post card to re-read it to see if there is anything I missed about the 6 month requirement. THERE ISN'T A DAMN THING ON THAT CARD TELLING ME ABOUT 6 MONTHS ANYTHING ... only "Two proofs of Indiana residency"

She then wanted to really piss me off and send me over the edge ...

"I can't use this either, I need your social security card"

Butttttttt it says on the card "social security card OR OR OR OR proof of a social security number !!!!!! My ID card has that number !!!!!

Nope, can't use it.

"In fact that card they mailed out is all wrong, I hate it and they should have sent you this" as she holds up a one page 8-1/2" x 11" filled with lists of things THEY WILL ACCEPT FOR residency and social security number.

THEN .... she proceeds to tell me how much trouble married couples have when they come in the BMV trying to get the new REAL ID-compliant .... I DON'T CARE ABOUT THEIR PROBLEMS !!!!! I DON'T ....

I followed what the card said and I want my ********** Real ID-compliant card !!!! That's all ... it's simple. I'm not driving another 40 miles to get this stupid ass card. What does it matter ... they are going to let prisoners and illegal immigrants vote by 2020 so who gives a shit if I have a card to get on a plane or in a federal facility ???? Who cares ????  LOL

Well it didn't happen. I renewed my drivers license, took an eye test to confirm to them I need glasses to see distance and since I was in a cheerful mood I had no problems getting a new photo for my new drivers license. Customer service at it's finest.  :)

To relieve my stress I went directly to the vet across the street and bought Heidi and Stella's NexGuard for ticks and fleas ... plus asked if they had any soft chews for people since all the ticks like me more than the hounds.

I decided when I got home after all that excitement and my downspouts were clear for the next 7 days of rain, UNLESS THE FORECAST IS WRONG, I needed a siesta. It was perfect with a cool breeze blowing through the windows ... what a couple of hours of sleep won't do for ya.

Afterward I was motivated enough to mow the yard ... it looks great and is ready for a few more inches of water, even though a few spots had enough water for me to mow through.

I really did remain pretty calm in the BMV but I had a chance to let it go and fire away ... I just don't like the idea of having the police called because "some old man is down here going crazy" ... besides the hounds need someone to feed them and let them out a million times per day.  LOL

A great day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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