April 18, 2019

When Stella Was Younger

When there is a 100% chance of rain all day, and we wake up to rain, then plans for a blog post moves in a difference direction. I have thousand of photos to choose from and have told stories of my past hounds before. Today I thought I'd show some of the newer blog followers and readers what Stella looked like just a couple of years ago. Aging changes you and I as well as Stella. She use to love to play and run at full speed.
Of  course some things changed when Sadie was gone but even the last year of Sadie's life, they did not wrestle as much as they use to and it was rare if Stella sprinted through the field or chased Sadie. Her hips or her front legs bother her and that is the reason I started giving her glucosamine supplement, yet that does not make her feel like running like she use to. She will be 10 years old this summer.

I picked up Stella in August 2015 when she was 6 years old.
It did not take long for Sadie to like Stella as someone she could play with and finally have a hound that was more her size rather than a basset hound.
Stella, Sadie, Winston and Heidi enjoying a nice summer day.
They use to run at full speed all over the field and yard.
Even in the middle of the walk they would still play in the field if they had the urge.
We had just turned the first corner in March 2016 when Sadie saw deer at the back of the field. Both bloodhounds took off sprinting after the deer, who ran north along the back edge of the field toward the woods with the bloodhounds running as fast as possible after them.
They were both proud of their deer chase as they ran back to me.
Stella may not run as much as she use to and she doesn't have Sadie to hang out with anymore but there is one thing she still likes to do .... sleep under the sunshine.
With the weather like it is, I'll be inside most of the day and read the three different books I am in the middle of. I'll have late starting Reds baseball games for the next four nights from San Diego to watch but good weather is a few days away.

It has to rain sometimes in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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