August 26, 2019

Stella's Home And Resting

They said she was a great bloodhound all through the process, some will resist and put up a fight under stressful situations. She was still groggy when I picked her up but she did wag her tail when she figured out where the car was. I backed it in where I could lift her into the back of the 4Runner from their sidewalk by the entry door.

Her blood work came back normal. They will call me with the histopathology results in 7-10 business days. She walked with no limp and slowly to the car but her "walking days" are suspended for 10-14 days. She has become addicted to her morning walks so I am not sure how she will react to the change in her routine.

It didn't take her long to find her spot in the computer room. She had no trouble getting down and only sat there a few minutes trying to decide which position she wanted to sleep in. She will feel the affects of the sedation and anesthesia and might be groggy for as long as 12-24 hours, although it didn't affect her long last September. Then she had a small grown inside her eyelid removed.

The bandage will stay on until this Friday when they will check the area they removed and to change the bandage.

I have a feeling for the next few days, taking walks will not interest her too much.

Once she stretched out in this position I knew she was in a deep sleep, hopefully for a few solid hours. It was kind strange but when the tech was explaining that they used an endotracheal tube during the anesthetic procedure I immediately saw the tv show Dr Jeff ... the vet in Denver. There were always good endings on those tv shows but I had to stop watching that show because there were just too many surgeries to see.

Im not sure what Heidi was doing with her mouth on this picture because she was making no sounds and had just curled around to lay down. She sniffed Stella when we walked inside but only for ID purposes as she didn't show the excitement I had seen in the past from other hounds when one of their roommates returned home. I have a feeling that Heidi has always been a 'loner'.

It did not take too much time to rack up some dollars on that itemized list. I am beginning to wonder if it's time for me to start looking deeper into pet health insurance since both hounds are older. I have spent more money on vet bills in the last 12 months than I have in many many years combined. Hard to say what to do but I bet the worse case is I'd break even after paying monthly premiums and part of the bills. Or ... I might save some money after all the dust settled.

When I told some old stories of different lumps I'd seen on my hounds in the past, including this lump ... all vets had different theories, even in June. This tech did not hesitate to tell me New Frontier Animal Medical Center does not like any lumps of any kind and prefers to remove them. Some of my past vets would hold off to see what it would do ... why?

Needless to say for the next 10-14 days any blog posts photos may not be from anywhere but the house and backyard ... "Resume normal activity after 10-14 days" and "Confine your pet indoors for 10-14 days" will be a huge change in Stella's daily routine ... even though a lot of her routine is sleeping.  LOL

After a couple of hours of sleep she stood up and whined a little, walked behind me to the corner and then under the computer desk finding a new spot to sleep, facing outward. That was an hour ago so she is sleeping well ... good sign.

Everything turned out good in the Wild West today.

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